Simple Tips for Washing Bikinis and Swimsuits

In the heat, nothing better than being on vacation, going to the beach or cooling off in a pool.Of course, the use of swimsuits and bikinis in this season ends up being very large.

Simple Tips for Washing Bikinis and Swimsuits

To keep them clean and not fading, some care should be taken at the time of their washing, such as soap to be used, whether liquid, in a bar or in powder form or the way of washing, by hand or by hand. machine.

Caring for the bathroom parts

The initial tip is to remove the sand from the bath parts.For those who go to the beach and take a good sea bath, when leaving the water, the bikini or bathing suit ends up getting some sand in the lining.But when you get home, the parts should be washed.Before promoting a wash, leave the piece of sauce (it can be only in the same water) so that the accumulated sand can detach.After about ten minutes in the water, the piece can already be washed.It is important that it be pure water to prevent the piece from fading with the sauce.

How to wash the bathroom parts

After removing the sand from the bathing suit or bikini, use a neutral soap, which can be either a liquid or a bar, to wash the bath parts.Ideally, remove all soap so that when the piece dries it does not get stained.Then twist carefully and hang to dry.The fasteners should be put close to seams so that the parts are not marked.Avoid using the washing machine to wash these bath parts.The machine can help wear the fabric.Preferably dry your bikini or bathing suit in the shade.With the heat, these parts dry up very quickly and exposure to the sun can cause your bikini to fade according to

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