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Sportful Fiandre Extreme NeoShell Jacket

After the jacket Sportful Fiandre NoRain Light short sleeves and shorts Fiandre now up to the winter jacket called Fiandre Extreme NeoShell.

Sportful’s Fiandre range is inspired by the very changing weather in Flanders. Fiandre clothes are therefore designed to be used under changing conditions.

This jacket goes even further than the previous ones as its name suggests. It is designed for the most humid and cold conditions.

Even though the winter has been rather mild so far, I have found a few cold mornings.


Sportful announces that this product is very breathable, warm with a perfect stretch cut and completely waterproof. It is the ideal jacket in dry weather, which also offers complete protection in case of rain.

A jacket able to protect you by temperatures lower than 10 ° C. And yet, to judge the thickness of the jacket, one doubts. The jacket remains very thin.

The performance of this jacket is made possible by the use of NeoShell fabric made by Polartec which recommended by This fabric is windproof, offers a high level of impermeability, excellent breathability and a very elastic cut.

A fabric that allows excellent protection but does not prevent freedom of movement.

This Sportful Fiandre Neoshell Extreme is sold € 300.

All seams are sealed to prevent water penetration.

Rather sober in this black version, it also exists in red, more visible. To be complete on the waterproof side, the integral front zip is waterproof (YKK Vislon).

At the back, there is a cut that goes down very low on the buttocks to protect the latter from splashing water.

The 2 side pockets are quite deep and wide, the center is narrower. On the other hand, these pockets seem to be high enough on the jacket. To see what will give their accessibility once the jacket in place. These pockets have small perforations at the base that allow water to escape in heavy rain.

The reflective elements, consisting of 3 horizontal strips, are rather discreet, located below the pockets.

On the road

Like most Sportful productions, this jacket is actually cut for sharp steeds.The jacket falls impeccably and remains close to the body. It really does not feel like wearing a winter textile. The fabric remains flexible and stretchable.

Before you get on the bike, you can find that the jacket is a bit too narrow on the upper body, but once on the bike, this feeling disappears.

I often hesitate between size M or L for the top, there, clearly, I need size L. On M, the seams would probably have let go before I get on the bike.

My remark above on the pockets is confirmed. They are located very high and this does not facilitate their access. Apart from that, the jacket offers a good protection to the cold and the wind thanks to sleeves of sufficient length and to a collar which goes up high enough.The material cuts the wind but nevertheless allows the perspiration to evacuate easily.

With regard to the acceptable temperature, with a single base coat, it is possible to leave until the mercury (even if it is no longer mercury in the thermometers!) Goes down to about 6 ° C. Below, it will be necessary to add a layer.

But the breathable side is indeed there since even when the temperature rises, it is supported up to 15 ° approximately. Polartec’s Neoshell fabric remains genuinely bluffing on this point. It allows use over wide ranges of temperatures.

In the rain, again, the material is very effective. The Neoshell makes it possible to drive more than two hours even in heavy rain without getting wet. A feat. The Neoshell offers the warmth, comfort and breathability of a Neoshell fabric, while providing a tight seal.

Balance sheet

If you were to have only one “technical” jacket for the winter, it could be this Sportful Fiandre Extreme NeoShell that combines the benefits of cold, comfort and rain protection, Breathable.

Despite the € 300 required, it would make almost a cheap jacket as its uses are wide. You can go out in the fall or winter in all weather with, you will not have any nasty surprises. If it is dry and it starts to rain, you will be protected. Idem if you go in the rain by 8° and when you come out the rain stops and the thermometer rises to 13°, you will not have to suffer from cold or heat.

It easily replaces a thick thermal jacket, a mid-season jacket and even a rain jacket. Only bad note, the access to the pockets located a little too high and which forces to contortion to reach it.

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