Men's Clothing

Spring 2015 by Luciano Barbera

A brand we do not lift up so much here at our site Italian Luciano Barbera. A company perhaps best known for its iconic representative of the same name. The company’s focus has been all these years has been on materials and quality over the last cut and, not least, the “Made in Italy” for real that you choose to call it.

The main character behind Luciano Barbera is one of Italy’s biggest personalities and style all his life vurmat for an authentic Italian production. He believes that too few of the Italian brands actually produce their products in Italy, or of fabric produced in the country. Barbera is that many will know, the same family that founded Italy’s perhaps foremost weaving; Carlo Barbera.

The color scheme from Luciano Barbera is in our sober and dimmed. There are off-white pants, nougat brown tones, navy blazers and discrete pattern selection styled in an exemplary manner. Nothing new under the sun, you would think, but at the same time opening it for very wide combination possibilities with other garments in your closet.

In addition to jackets and pants, we see some cover jackets for chilly spring days along with some linen and panama hats for summer.


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