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Spring 2015 From Brunello Cucinelli

The spring collection from Brunello Cucinelli, one of the strongest Italian players have now landed in stores and the company’s thread seems as clear as ever. Whether you love or hate Cucinellis aesthetics can not ignore that the designer has been one of if not the most influential men’s fashion in the past five years.

What is very interesting about Brunello Cucinelli is that unlike many other players, it’s usually how the garments are combined rather than completely unique cut that distinguishes the brand. This makes the garments often feels very wearable separately but at the same time often attract customers to buy a whole look to get the whole feeling.

What always is significant just for Brunello Cucinellis collections is the use of warm earth colors like navy blue, brown, beige and gray. The number of blacks is more or less non-existent and even heavily patterned fabrics are conspicuous by their absence.

The typical Cucinelli-look built on layers of clothing such as shirt, tie, cardigan, jacket and outerwear in the company’s classic colors. Cucinellis hallmark is to combine formal and vacant garments in a way that inspired or t about healthy copied by competitors. It has moved on cargo pants to the jacket, coarse Chukka boots for costume and job function jackets over dressed svidar.

You can either find that Brunello Cucinelli feels uninspiring due to the company more or less identical campaigns year after year or they find it contrary pleasing that the company found its identity and stand by it.

In Sweden you will find the brand exclusively at Lund & Lund at Sturegatan 12 in Stockholm.


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