Stockholm Fashion Week: Cheap Monday A/W 2011

Cheap Monday is for straightforward simplicity. Look for a new vintage, for laxness and skinny jeans, which come up to the navel. And it has a good reason. Because what many people don’t know: the Scandinavian brand is a small but nice story:

It was the year 2000 when Orjan Andersson and Adam Friberg is caught up with a few friends, to open a Second-Hand shop in the vicinity of Stockholm. No ordinary but, but one that you could visit only on weekends: the weekend. It wasn’t long until a further store was opened, because the concept not only went up, but was praised in all sky. Quickly had more opening days, the former „ weekend “ was consequently in „ weekday “ renamed. Between all sorts of Second-Hand goods and selected fashion of young designers, made it cozy first self created pants of the four friends are then one day: Cheap Monday is born. 365 days later a standalone label has become from the denim project that results in men’s and women’s collections. Now, it belongs as weekday and Monki to the H & M group.

For the fall of 2011, the fire of several trends has served. We see a rust color end dress made of velvet, location looks in the style of Martin Margiela, grunge elements, the color of coral, transparent trousers and shiny materials, which are reminiscent of latex. Overall the complete outfits work but a little gruff and dull and yet I find favor on individual parts such as obrigem knit shirt. It is so, as always: depends on the combination of’s to.

Via cheap Monday & Freshfish.


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