Street Style Is Made with The Combo Winner. Jersey Knit and Minimalist Jewels, The Ultimate Win-Win

Thousand and one perfectly coordinated layers or mixtures impossible to prints. They are cool, and long, but are complicated outfits that not always crave. In the end, simple always takes all our love, because it avoids having to give thousand turns to a look and guarantees always succeed. This is the case of the combo of the season: point oversize sweaters that acquire sweetness and style combined with very delicate jewelry. So the street style makes it, notes.

The XXL shirts are trend this winter, and we hope that many more. It is one of the fashions more comfortable and appealing during the cold months. Point, jeans, sports and the office. However, there are days in which your stylist asks you something more, a more chic and feminine touch to counteract the effect of informal these garments. There is no doubt, the jewelry and jewelry are the correct answer.

No matter if you are a pending statement or a simple pendant with a touch of brightness. The important thing is to combine them together to get a unique look: or as sophisticated as the jewel itself nor as casual and sporty as it is the oversize shirt. We are between, in a limbo of elegance acomododa the influencers of the street style we shown. We learn from the great!

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