Styles of Wedding Dresses

Every bride nowadays likes to be elegant and very beautiful on the day of your wedding, so it is very important to choose the perfect dress.

The perfect dress should go according to body type having the bride and thus can get the most out of your body.

Rather than berries to the store to choose the perfect wedding dress is very important to know which body type you have.

By the dress you choose duty to help the bride that enhances the attractive areas of your body and conceal areas that do not want to display.

  1. all brides who have a body type triangle are encouraged to always use the Empire cut dresses.

How the body is type triangle?. It is one that has legs and wide hips, shoulders are narrow and the bust is small.

For example; in the picture I present you then can appreciate an extraordinary court wedding dress Empire.

As you can this is a dress that drag on the ground and is a design that leaves completely bare chest.

See also wedding makeup in retro style.

  1. all wedding dresses that are style Princess are perfect to be used by brides that have the body type inverted triangle.

With the dress that you use, you should emphasize your legs and your hips. They should also help you hide your back and your shoulders.

In the photo that I leave then show you a wonderful and elegant wedding gown style Princess.

You could say that this dress has a tail and dragged on the ground. It is a very sensual design and has no sleeves.


  1. If your body is of type column I recommend for your wedding day using a beautiful dress that will help you to create curves.

The best solution to create curves on a woman’s body type is to use a cute wedding gown-style Princess or also a dress style.

Then I am going to leave a photo where I show you a very wonderful wedding dress for women wishing to create curves.

As you can see this dress has a modern design that gives a touch of elegance and balance to the female body.

Truly is a model that every bride should be used to see with nice hips, is a court dress Princess with Ruffles and tulle in the skirt.


  1. all the brides that have the body type hourglass can be used to match any type of wedding dresses.

But it is always recommended that you use a dress that will help you highlight your waist and your beautiful hips.

If you’re a thin girlfriend and have this type of body, I recommend that you use a wedding dress Mermaid.

For example; in the following photo we see a cute bride skinny and that using a lovely wedding dress Mermaid.