Styles Perfect for Men with a Beard

Glasses are a very important accessory in defining a style and a personality. The men’s fashion in glasses has bet on thicker models, rounded or with well defined rectangular lenses.

Styles Perfect for Men with a Beard

Whether it’s a retro frame or a more contemporary frame, more important than being fashionable is feeling good about your pair of glasses and liking the model you choose for yourself.

The shape of the face, the color of the hair and the beard are factors to take into account in this choice of pair of glasses for the style you want to embody. The advice is always to choose a frame that opposes the type of face, to balance it, but there is no definitive guide according to Shoppingpicks.

It is said that bearded men should seek to balance their style without too much burdening their faces with a strong prop. Or will you prefer a look with more intense glasses? We immersed ourselves in the world of trends and found the ideal styles for those who choose this look.


Rectangular-shaped lenses look best on more rounded or heart-shaped faces.

These Antonio Banderas glasses are a great choice for faces of this genre: in addition to the format, they are long on the face and have a thick frame, which always blends well with well defined beards.


The round or rounded frame is fashionable and could not match better with oval faces, long beards and stylish haircuts.

These turtle -patterned Davidelfin and warm colors show how this eyewear format has reinvented itself in the 21st century and continues to make a hit with the male audience.


Simple and discreet, browline style eyeglasses, on the eyebrow line, are one of the top vintage fashions that men in particular have continued to prefer.

This style of graduated glasses, for example with these Mango , allows to highlight the beard as the focus of the man’s face, against the more subtle frame.


With a beard or mustache, short hair or”man bun”, mirrored sunglasses never go out of style. They style the masculine face and make it never go unnoticed on the street.

The Pull & Bear in the illustration also offer a young and casual look that makes this look ideal for the hottest summer days.


Another style that is always fashionable and matches well with most male faces. The”Aviator” style is the ideal choice for men with a beard or mustache who enjoy long, metallic lenses and very own styles.

These Pepe Jeans of neutral colors combine with lighter and sharper hair colors and also more elongated faces.