Stylish Autumn Coats

So whimsically as the weather in the autumn, the matching wardrobe should not turn out in the best case.The last warm rays mix with wind and rain, and the first signs of the upcoming cold season. It asks for here of outerwear so a lot. An indispensable part of the wardrobe, both for ladies and gentlemen, in my opinion, therefore, is a high quality autumn coat. Who invested in quality and exquisite design that wins a stylish companion for the season. Especially women can choose in autumn 2014 a wide variety of styles and designs.Especially women can in autumn 2014  from a wide variety of styles and designs to choose.

Stylish Autumn Coats

What Qualities Should Meet An Autumn Coat?

Lapidar the autumn coat is often referred to as a transition jacket, he is still the fashionable connection between the warm and cold seasons ago. But he is so much more than just a fashionable stopgap. He must be so flexible in its properties, like no other shell variant.During the summer satisfies the lightweight jacket and thick knit and down are announced against the cold in winter, the autumn coat must combine a mix of both. It must be weatherproof in order to withstand the increasingly adverse weather conditions. Weatherproof means that it is possible, depending on wind and waterproof material. Nevertheless the autumn coat flatters while the figure of the wearer This distinguishes him significantly from a simple anorak, that, thanks to a sporty look just for outdoor activities. An autumn coat is contrary to the exclusive Chic also fits in the big city as the office or dinner in the evening.

However, the functionality is not lost in an autumn coat. Various materials such as faux fur, knitting, wool or leather keep warm, but without being overwhelming. A thick lining here is not necessary, which makes comfortable to wear the jacket in most cases. With a hood, or a wide shawl collar remedy is quickly created when the wind should blow particularly strongly again. Cuffs on the sleeves can ensure that no cool air enters the sleeve.

Especially women can in terms of section  in this season from solid scooping

The men’s double-breasted jacket is a classic straight cut. It can be worn casually with jeans, and elegant for Business Chic. For the ladies it is playful fairytale in Cape Shape with autumn jacket. Stylish and very figure-flattering is the coat with empire waist and trendy presents those the Military Coat with accents like collar and eye-catching buttons in military style and a true it-piece with slight retro touches and is the autumn coat in T line with its emphasizes broad shoulders.
Classical and popular colors in autumn coats are mainly black, dark blue and different brown, beige and cream tones. They give heat and reflect perfectly the season resist. But even a beautiful dark red or orange tone have a very special effect and act as inspired by the color spectrum of the falling leaves.