Patrícia Cândoso Visits the Glass Factory of Cacém

The most recent visit to our Cacém Glasses Factory was Patricia Cândoso.  As you can imagine it was another very lively afternoon in our optics. Our client came to the factory to prepare the summer and see the latest trends in the world of optics.

Contrary to what is customary, our Patricia began the visit by choosing her model of sunglasses for this coming summer. From as much choice as possible, it seemed a complicated task, but nothing like the precious help of a specialist of our optics who so well knows to meet the tastes of our customers.
Many models have been tried as the new model with hexagonal lenses or the cat eye model… but the choice fell on the great current trend: round sunglasses. The model chosen was practically love at first sight: dark round glasses from Marc Jacobs, who eventually escape the usual formats of glasses and because they are black, complete any look according to Petsinclude.

During the search for sunglasses, our guest commented to the specialist that she had noticed a kind of speck in one of her eyes. Nothing better than to clear the doubts and soon Patricia went to the first floor of our optics, so that it was consulted by one of our optometrists. The usual diagnostic tests were done to analyze her eye health, and the diagnosis of”such dots” that Patricia detected was revealed: pinguéculas. The pinguéculas are a kind of fat that can occur due to several factors such as diabetes or sun exposure. In the case of Patricia, it may be due to sensitivity to the sun, as the actress is passionate about sunny days, but no reason to be alarmed!

We really enjoyed having Patricia Cândoso at our Cacém Glasses Factory, hopefully be contagious again with your good mood soon!

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