Sweet Babydoll

Unlike pieces of lingerie like corset, the babydoll has a much shorter history. He was born very recently and said that his predecessor was the coat or bolero evening, garment that between the decades of 30 and 40 women used to cover their nighties to bed.

Apparently, the new look of the babydoll arose from a movie starring Carroll Baker. In 1956 debuted Baby Doll, a film that is highly controversial because of the subject since it’s marriage of convenience between a 19-year-old girl and a man much bigger who promised sexual intercourse just after his 20th birthday. Nightgowns worn by the protagonist inspired the name for this piece of lingerie and have been a success since that time.

Although they had a brief stint in street fashion, the babydoll quickly returned to its origin, intimacy, and the use of the scissors to trim their long and show more and more, them was becoming a bulwark of the sexy lingerie.

What is a babydoll?

The answer to this question is very simple. The babydoll is a short, very short, and with many details Nightgown. In fact it is so short, that exposes the legs up to thigh height, although in some cases can reach the hip or simply up to the level of the navel.

In the majority of occasions, the design incorporates a type bralette bra to achieve a good breast support and get a marked neckline. From the band that bralette comes loose and fluid fabric covers (or see) the torso. These design features make the babydoll, emphasize the breasts and create the illusion of a small waist, which makes it ideal and comfortable for most of the female figures.

The manufacture is always performed with soft genres, fluids, and in the majority of cases, translucent. Silk, chiffon, satin and nylon mixtures are the main materials but you can also find them made less popular as leather, latex or pvc materials. In almost all models you can see details such as Rhinestones, monkeys, ribbons, embroidery and lace, and almost as a rule, are sold in stores with small panties making game.

Styles of babydoll

The design has been intensified and diversified over the years by what many models and different styles of babydoll can be found. It could be said that there is a babydoll for every type of woman.

It is currently one of the most popular among the future brides pieces since it’s a piece of perfect lingerie for the much-desired honeymoon or wedding night and it is considerably cheaper than a corset. In general, brides today are choosing romantic models, in shades of white and ivory and with delicate details that resemble the wedding dress, leaving the models with stronger colors or more intricate details for a little later.

For the more daring, there are several somewhat more revealing models, made entirely in lace or translucent fabric, accompanied by the most tiny panties, leaving very little to the imagination. In fact, on some models, the support bralette is overlooked completely.

If what you prefer is the total elegance, can opt for a model a little more structured and covered, that recalls ms to a dress that a piece of lingerie, but does have a babydoll hardcore features: roll short and a bit of cleavage.

Although it is a highly sensual garment, it is not only used for that aspect. Many women prefer the babydoll as sleepwear, as an option, fresh and delicate sleep in summer. In this case, the designs are much simpler and the hem lengths increase a little.