Swimwear Calvin Klein Reviews

Calvin Klein thought this year a collection of swimwear really interesting and above all glamorous, a line which reflects the major trend of the last hour ranging between bandeau bikini, triangles and swimsuits in the forms and in the most beautiful fashion colors. In adherence to the must haves in which several collections of high fashion and low cost are by following the last period, even Calvin Klein enhances smaller models and sought for which as always are the fine details and in some cases very valuable to make a difference.Let’s take a look at them together.

The collection of bikinis Calvin Klein flagship mainly on very bold patterns and intriguing. As you can see better in our photo gallery and between shots of the latest advertising campaign, the brand invests in stretch nylon triangles with insert between the cups coordinated with adjustable slip, and models with cup and underwire more comfortable with adjustable straps embellished with curl central. No shortage completed models with studs and bright inserts add a sophisticated touch to form.

Very present in the collection of Pharmacylib costumes are to end models, costumes suit thinner silhouette designed by the brand with beautiful fantasies spotted in the ocean tones, patterns embellished with metallic insert shaped gem for the crown also picked up on the slip (115 € on net-a-porter.com), most classic variants in evergreen colors like black from sporty chic mood and still fabulous versions shiny fabric with the characteristic metal inserts enhance profiles.

in his collection Calvin Klein also wanted swimsuits, and now this has become a feature of every 2012 collection, all have returned to exploit the full models in increasingly original garments. Calvin Klein thinks very particular models marked by a more similar to that of a form trikini with triangle top and strap between the cups curled, abdomen and hips completely end also discovered on the back (110 EUR on net-a-porter.com ), and still fabulous classic variants with the upper end strapless and romantic curls along the entire surface, available in pastel shades such as papaya color which is very fashionable this year.

Calvin Klein then complete his collection with cover-ups and sun coordinated with the costumes, tops and shorts for sports lovers of a more casual look. Do you like the collection?