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Ve a Set with Your “White Christmas”

We continue to offer ideas to dress the day of Christmas Eve o New year’s Eve (that depends on each one). And today we do it with the trend of the white color: in this tone dresses are ideal in summer but the same thing happens in winter? The answer is Yes, and This Christmas no doubt that I wear in this tone. I love how you feel with the contrast of the bushy black stockings, and its forms as well as styles can give much play. It is a tone that House with everything and you can use it throughout the year. What do I say? Continue reading

Obsession with Midi Skirts

Write my first post on Weloversize is not anything, so I wanted to do so veery well. Gave him many, many turns until I was serious and asked myself “to see Mary daughter, think, if suddenly someone forced you to choose a garment to wear it the rest of your life pistol in hand (people are crazy, I know, like someone sees it a matter of life or death) which would be?”

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