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Swimsuits and Bikinis Low-Cost for All Sizes

Turns out that I was mega-faithful to the bikinazos from Forever 21 + until last year. Summer after summer me saved the spectacular outfit (at the same time that comfortable) without having to invest more than € 20 per garment. Come on, a bargain. But this year my joy has fallen into a deep pit. Go swimwear hamijos terror! Formless, with shiny metal, as well as a very worthy of the real Pamela Anderson in 1996. And I, that I refuse to stuff my pleats in something that makes me look like a disco ball, but don’t want to spend more dollars in bikinis, I put hands to work to find substitutes to take to the beach this 2016.

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History of the Bikini Swimsuit

The legend of an explosive swimsuit

Three triangles and the round was played, the bikini was going to revolutionize the swimsuit for centuries to come. But did you know that the revolution was French? Launched by a french engineer in 1946 at piscine Molitor, a bikini this year celebrates its 70 years. More reason to revisit his legend with fork & Bikini !

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Kinira Swimwear

As I write them, I am really excited to share the good news with you. For all those who are lovers go to the beach or pool – like me-, or those who are looking for options of swimsuits to go ride the weekend, or on a vacation. Tell them that there is a Colombian brand of swimwear for plus size with spectacular designs: Kinira Swimwear. Carolina and Margarita Mejia are two sisters who have devoted the past two years to study the needs and tastes of women plus size, in terms of fashion swimwear. They discovered all those characteristics that we disliked of swimsuits that we find in the market and fixed them so we could be happy when we got to know your product. Continue reading

How to Accessorize a Burberry Bikini

Burberry bikini is one of the hottest bikinis a girl can have a accessorising will make you the cutest girl at the beach or pool. Read on to find out how to Accessories Burberry bikini.


  • Find flip flops or sandals that complements your Burberry bikini.For example, if your bikini is the traditional Burberry beige and Brown check prints, your shoes should be either beige, black or brown. If the check pattern is pink, should your shoes be light pink, white or clear. Continue reading

Shrink-piece Swimsuit

The summer season is fast approaching, and now you can get a nice swimsuit that simply belongs to the summer. Among the most popular are one-piece swimsuit , among whose features include shaping and tightening effect . You will love mostly ladies who have some extra kilos and she would like to hide in the water.

The advantage of buying swimwear on the Internet is that you can choose according to their wishes and cut the size you want. Shop assistants do not have to beg that you got back this and that, but you see it straight away. On the Internet swimsuit also cheaper and if the wrong size can be return within 14 days. Furthermore, e-shops offering richer than traditional stores, you can mix and pick anytime and anywhere.

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Swimwear La Perla Reviews

The collection of swimwear La Perla for the ‘Summer 2015 is characterized by a bold style and ultra-feminine, a full line of original creations in the most beautiful colors of the season. La Perla, brand specializing in underwear and beachwear luxury, has devised new intriguing by cut-out decorations, absolutely glamorous models in forms to suit all tastes.

The evolution of swimsuits in the last 100 years has led from the most opaque retro models at very minimal versions that mark the latest collections.The bikini from the La Perla represent very well the passion of the big brands for micro forms, however, declined in fashion versions and cheeky at the same time.

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Swimwear Calvin Klein Reviews

Calvin Klein thought this year a collection of swimwear really interesting and above all glamorous, a line which reflects the major trend of the last hour ranging between bandeau bikini, triangles and swimsuits in the forms and in the most beautiful fashion colors. In adherence to the must haves in which several collections of high fashion and low cost are by following the last period, even Calvin Klein enhances smaller models and sought for which as always are the fine details and in some cases very valuable to make a difference.Let’s take a look at them together.

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Lormar Swimwear Online

Lormar offers us pictures of his beautiful collection of swimwear designed for l ‘summer 2012, a line that is striking not only because of the forms and more chic and refined colors, but also enhancing a lively style and carefree for the younger. Templates are many and various are the lines proposed by the brand this year, because as we have seen in recent days, the competition is high-level and even reinterpretations of classic models are all very interesting. Let’s take a look together with the proposals new Lormar collection.

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Women’s Fashion Bikini Bottoms & Swimsuits

Mix and match is tallest fashion when it comes to your bikini. You do not have a matching bikini set anymore, now you can acquire your separate sport bikini bottoms and tops. If you want to put your personal stamp on your bikini, try to set you apart from the crowd and be super sporty. When selecting a bikini set, you can get out of the tops that might sit better than the under part, or you can use two different sizes in the top and the bottom. Instead of annoying over it, hold a bikini, which is staying in your drawer, then it could be an option for you to match separate sports bikini bottoms with exactly the uppers, especially if you are a sporty type.

Functional, comfortable, and exactly what you want

If you take part in water sports such as water polo, or swimming, then it is probably important for you to make sure that your swimsuits are comfortable and functional. By selecting Mix and Match, you can find the perfect sports bikini bottoms and match them with your favorite top. Here at Bridgat.com we have put together a sumptuous selection of both bikini bottoms to the sporty type and you can of course also find bikini tops on wholesaleably. On this site you will find sport bikini bottoms from a host of famous brands, and in a multitude of colors and models, so there are ample opportunities for you to find a bikini as you like. It’s OK to set requirements for the bikinis and choose two separate parts, rather than a set. Good luck on your hunt for the perfect swimwear.

Top Bikini Set