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Blouses Different Styles

During the day, children are very active and there is therefore a need for clothes that are easy to move around in a blouse is an indispensable item in your child’s wardrobe, and you can’t get too many of them, as there must be something to switch between. It is important to find a blouse that fits your child’s needs as well as the clothes are produced in good and sumptuous materials – and can withstand today’s challenges.

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Asymmetric Clothing Fashion 2016

The summer is all about daring, freedom, holiday, sun, and nobody doubts that sets play precise role to convey through what we feel or wish. And a trend that has been present and is still guaranteed bet for the next seasons is the asymmetry. It appears slowly and ends up evolving; this time, it is more daring than before, conquering the summer.

So, do you want some more daring asymmetric parts? They do not respect boundaries and patterns of standard sewing. You should get ready for this trend because it’s going to be a lot of vista in the summer.
So if you throw in the pieces that jumped the runway’s uneven streets with their ruffles, shoulder pieces, cutouts and pictures that are proposing to break the rigidity, it will be elegant and practical.
Asymmetry has many tips, irregularities, overlays, and the cool thing is that the uneven parts, if combined properly, can elongate the silhouette, adding volume, and even manage to disguise some strategic part. Continue reading

Vintage Black Blouse With Bat Sleeves and Silver Sequins

Vintage Black Blouse With Bat Sleeves

Really delicious black blouse with round neck, bat sleeves and feminine lace sewed on both shoulders. The shirt is in a light quality that fall amazingly nice. The fabric is translucent, and the blouse takes care therefore best out with a top underneath. The bottom rounds blouse discreetly.

Vintage Black Blouse With Bat Sleeves

Retro Blouse With Silver Sequins

Blouse in cotton, sand colored studded with silvery sequins in a row and row on the front side.

The composition of silver sequins on the sandy bottom makes the blouse appears Golden in color.

Retro Blouse With Silver Sequins

The blouse is reinforced in the armhole and V-neckline with a sand-colored edge.

The front page is longer than the back.

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