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The Importance Of Sports Bra

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Every time people are more aware of the practice of sport either for health or aesthetics, but if we really want to take care of our body at the same time that we work in the gym or doing outdoor sports apart from drinking lots of water for Keep us hydrated, in the case of women is the use of sports bra.

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Bra Story: Bra Centennial

History Of The Bra

It is 100 years of exact copy of patent number 1,115,674, granted to the brassière, or bra, of the American Mary Phelps Jacob,” one of the first entrepreneurs of the twentieth century”, in the words of Francesc Puertas, author of the book ” The Bra, myths and legends. Manual of use “(Arcopress Ediciones, 2012). Although the bra already existed as such, but not patented.  Continue reading

Bras, Which One Feels Better

The choice of the most appropriate bra, has to be made considering different factors… So today, we are going to focus more, on specific fasteners, depending on the clothes we wear or the activity we We want to accomplish.

The models we discussed in the previous article, are very well adapted for use in our day to day, and those we will comment now, are more for occasions or special activities.

With this in mind, I will tell you what types of fasteners we have for these occasions.

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How to Measure Your Bras

How to measure your chest? What are the things to check before buying a new bra? You will find advice and answers to all your questions.

It seems that many women do not know their bra size. Why?

In fact, one study showed that 8 out of 10 women do not wear the right size bra. This is a disaster, both in the aesthetic plan that comfort! Sometimes we find clients who wear the same size bra for over 30 years! Now the chest changes with the years, pregnancy … Even if it is difficult for a woman to understand that size is not necessarily the same as it was a few years, she finally realize it is more rewarding for it to change size. I explain this phenomenon by the fact that women are not sufficiently measured in lingerie stores. Ideally, it should remeasure its chest size every year.

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Oysho Underwear Review

Oysho offers us a collection of lingerie for the winter 2014 seductive and feminine, a line dedicated to dynamic and modern women who love to experiment with different styles. The brand specializes in garments of underwear and homewear delights us one season after another with very varied collections, proposals designed to satisfy different tastes, ranging from etiquette articles and news ironic, without giving up the most daring and intriguing touches. Even the new winter collection surprises with leaders not to miss: let’s give it a closer look. Continue reading

How Do I Know If Sports Bra Suit

In 1977, Hinda Miller and Lisa Lindahl tired of her breasts painful jiggling as they ran around the college track. They solved their problems by constructing a sports bra men’s jock straps. Times have changed since the first sports bra was invented. Recent scientific studies show that breast movement during exercise is a serious issue. Bouncing breasts can: change a woman’s stride length and cause injuries, Coopers ligaments stretch, causing the breasts to sag and become so painful that they hinder a woman’s ability to exercise.If you want to train safely, you must ensure that you wear a good sports bra that fits. Things you need to tape. Continue reading

Best Breast Lifting Bras 2016

Finding the right type of bra is important because it affects not only the way you look your clothes, but also affects the degree to which your breasts are granted over the years. Good maintenance includes good lifting the chest and breasts as have different shapes and sizes receipt of such support begins on to find the right size bra. Armed with your actions, you can choose a bra that aesthetic cover and raises the breast so as to acquire fresh and playful appearance.

Bra with underwire and cups to full coverage of the breast.

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White Push Up Bra with Underwire and Lace

Beauty white push up bras, with braces and beautiful lace.

Push Up bra that lifts and collector is a bust.
It has a hanger in the bowl and an extra small soft coat hanger in the side piece.
It is manufactured in micro fiber and lightly padded in the lower 2/3 of the bowls.

The whole dish has a beautiful stretchy lace. Lace has an elastic band so that the upper edge of the sits and follows the bust. It is suitable under loose and low cut clothes as it is less broad in the sides and the bowl is only 3/4.

Of course bridgat also has push up bras in black.

Bra with Underwire and Lace White Push Up Bra

White Bra With Lace In Large Sizes

Very pretty and comfortable bra, which is good for the big bust. See bra faqs on http://www.internetdict.com/answers/who-invented-bras.html.

It gives a good team, and has convolutionand hangers-both in the bowl, and in the extra wide side pieces.

It has been addressed in micro fiber and a pretty stretchy lace, so that it is soft and comfortable to wear. The shoulder straps are wide and comfortable. And they are sewed on a beautiful wide lace for a feminine and romantic look.

The model is also available in black.

And in the same series can be found in both thong and midi briefs.