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Looks with Leggings

The leggings have become an essential garment to match any of your looks in colder times of the year.

The leggings can be defined as an elastic mesh that protects the legs. There are many types, colors, and finishes; from the most classical in black, grey or Navy Blue, passing through the wildest animal print or that simulate leather patterned, showing your look rock and sugar cane.

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How to Wear a Fur Jacket

The hair jackets become our allies for the days of half-time. You can find all kinds of colors in these garments. Now, as its texture is not the typical one that we usually use in our usual clothes, we have to pay special attention to the other garments that we are going to use so that our look is combined perfectly and we go beautiful and protected from any unexpected blizzard. Today, from our Fashion blog we tell you how to combine the hair jackets. Continue reading