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Organize Your Underwear Drawer

When I feel discouraged of the life, there is nothing can make me happier than seeing an organized project. It is so bad you find nothing when you are looking for something anxiously. People need to learn to organize things right?

I chose the part of my room that needs care most: the panties and bras. In the past times, they never had a chance to be tidied up, especially for many bras. Intervention was needed.

My mother made a purchase that came in a cardboard box, and never waste a good cardboard. Finally, she found their destiny and they became great drawer dividers.

It is not complicated. First I measured the drawer and planned how to organize it. I set two rows to save my panties tucked into an envelope and leave the rest of the space for Bras because they also need a space of their own. I cut everything with stylus and stick with a wallpaper. For my mother, it was the greatest relief to get rid of it. For me, it was the largest economy of contact paper.

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