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The Fashion of The 60 in London

Mary Quant, Ossie Clark, Norman Hartnell, Michael Rainey, Rupert Lycett, Ossie Clark, Pierre Cardin and Paco Rabanne They revolutionized the world of fashion in the 1960s from their wonderful London boutiques. More than 300 objects between dresses, drawings, jewelry, photographic documents and video, They recreate the fun showcases Swinging London. Continue reading

Qute, Application for Mobile in Which Everyone in Stylist Becomes Fashionable and Advisor

How many times we asked our boyfriend/friend/mother How are a dress or trousers left we with? And the truth, we were never satisfied with the answer. It seems that no one there is around us that give us the answer ultimate fashionista who leave us happy. And now a mobile application can help you to choose your look for any occasion or decide if you want to buy something or not, and all through popular vote. Continue reading

Are Items of The Fashion Shows in Paris? No, It Is Low Cost

We are immersed in full Parties, We see to the celebrities incredible with his dreamy looks, to the bloggers perfect with their son and Chanel and publishers looking Palm with the last turn on it. Perhaps not to go to any party posh and insurance that you do not spend 2000 euros in a jacket. No need! With these ideas, no one will notice that you spent quarter and half. Continue reading

How to Wear Cropped Top?

Among the strong tendency of summer 2016, the cropped top is best known among Brazilian women. As a top short, it was very successful in the main fashion shows this year. This piece was used in the 1990s, and now it returned with everything and has already conquered the fashion world of women. However, in this season, the trend cropped top is more sophisticated and modern. This time, it comes without midriff and the pants and skirts are all very high, leaving only a strip of skin, above the navel.

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Dresses Fashion Shorts for Teens

Short fashion dresses for teenagers 2013. See the short dresses of 15 party is really a delight, we cannot say that there is a dress that we don’t like, all we like and we have them all. While the collection is for the 2013 these short dresses from fashion for chubby already you can find in stores.

The stylish and chic takes hold of a female super collection, which is very glamorous long dresses and short cocktail dresses. In short dresses of Extrareference 2012 / 2013 can find designs with sparkles, sequins, carved or simple cuts in sequins, very warm pastel dresses.

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Long Easy Shirt Dress in Big Sizes

Nice easy and breezy shirt dress or long shirt in nice pattern chiffon from hoticle.

The shirt has a nice v-neck and is buttoned.
It has 3/4 sleeves and slits on the sides.
The shirt is longer in the back and when about to knees -depending on the height and leg length of course.

plus size shirt dresses

A really nice easy and very usable shirt.
Wear it over leggings or skinny jeans.
And note that the shirt is transparent and therefore does it best with a top underneath.