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Fast Fashion: Handbags, Shoes, and Green

You already know that Lu is crazy about shoes, right? My passion is nowhere near hers, but genetics don’t fault and I’m quite happy trying some new pairs. In C & I saw three beautiful models: a low pipe boot all worked in animal print(and also had her with hairs all black) and two beautiful and stylish sneakers, a black varnish and the second most clarinha full of sparkles. Ahh, and these pieces I found at Mall Boulevard, which has a section enoooorme of shoes, different from BH Shopping store, which almost never has very interesting things. Continue reading

Women’s Handbags for Use with the Look of Halloween

Halloween is no longer just a celebration of the English culture to become a date celebrated worldwide. Being better understood as Halloween, the date has become synonymous with costumes, parties and games for all ages. This spread the date turned out to influence other media, entertainment, both as to culture and, of course, also came to the fashion world. Continue reading

Wheel Bag X Backpack: Advantages and Disadvantages

While some people prefer to travel to the beach and others to the countryside, there are those who opt for a wheel’s suitcase and those who love to take their belongings on their backs. Despite involving the personal taste, the choice of baggage is also usually made according to the needs and the type of travel. A month in Europe requires different care than a weekend in the family’s ranch, for example.

Continue reading