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Do You Have a Special Celebration? Bet Segura!

When we speak of Special dresses We are not only talking about wedding dresses: are many occasions that you can opt for one more garment repair and to make us feel special. Whether it be a birthday, a romantic dinner or a different weekend. Therefore, that I can’t show you these looks that have something that differentiates them from others. And we started with Seams for a desire since I’ve seen it has captured my attention. Continue reading

Transparencies to Power, Shows What You Carry Within You!

In our Special dresses Today we propose something of the more extreme But if you combine it with the appropriate plug-ins you have a winning combination: flirty tranpsarentes. Show what you are capable and teaches your part more glam and daring! for a while so far there are many designs that we have been seeing in the celebrities with this trend: some show only from the knees down, but others are more sugarcane and break with everything. Continue reading