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Special Accessories for Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung has unveiled the S6 of the Galaxy and the Galaxy S6 edge matching and especially tailored to the two smart phones accessories. These include individual cover, an inductive charging station to the Smartphone, for example, in the car according to the Qi standard without charging cable to charge or new battery packs.

Special Accessories for Samsung Galaxy S6

Image reference: http://www.ablogtophone.com/2015/12/04/samsung-galaxy-s3-cover-as-a-christmas-gift/

For the new Samsung smart phone company has now presented a whole range of matching accessories flagships S6 of the Galaxy and the Galaxy S6 edge. This includes a new Inductive charging station, which eliminates the need for the use of a charging cable. Here, smart phone must be placed just on the top of the charging station and it will recharge the battery. An LED display keeps up to date users on the load status. Certified according to the so-called standard of Qi, the dock wirelessly charges other Qi compatible mobile devices. Designed the station in glass optics was and will be available in the “Black” and “White”. The charger also well suited for use in cars, for which there is also a mount.

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