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The Importance Of Sports Bra

Hello!!! How was your week? Already are Friday… some plan for this weekend ??

Every time people are more aware of the practice of sport either for health or aesthetics, but if we really want to take care of our body at the same time that we work in the gym or doing outdoor sports apart from drinking lots of water for Keep us hydrated, in the case of women is the use of sports bra.

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Bra Story: Bra Centennial

History Of The Bra

It is 100 years of exact copy of patent number 1,115,674, granted to the brassière, or bra, of the American Mary Phelps Jacob,” one of the first entrepreneurs of the twentieth century”, in the words of Francesc Puertas, author of the book ” The Bra, myths and legends. Manual of use “(Arcopress Ediciones, 2012). Although the bra already existed as such, but not patented.  Continue reading

Is The Sports Bra The New Crop Top?

Some time ago I spoke of 2 trends that were opening hole in the streets: #normcore (or normalization of the style of dress, or rather relax) and the proliferation of running shoes for non-sports looks…

just when we thought that there would be the thing, I’m going and I know that there is a new irruption of sports clothing in our closet : athletic tops or Sports Bra you can believe?

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Bras, Which One Feels Better

The choice of the most appropriate bra, has to be made considering different factors… So today, we are going to focus more, on specific fasteners, depending on the clothes we wear or the activity we We want to accomplish.

The models we discussed in the previous article, are very well adapted for use in our day to day, and those we will comment now, are more for occasions or special activities.

With this in mind, I will tell you what types of fasteners we have for these occasions.

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