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for Which We Are Not So Young

And what I should I wear this new year’s Eve?

Years ago I turned 20, so many dresses that propose to Christmas seem too short, too suggestive, and too harsh with the defectillos that goes accumulating our body with the passage of the years. In addition, becomes a moment in celebrations that I have hartita so much brightness, so much rhinestones and as much spangle. So the proposals of looks for new year’s Eve today’s going in other directions different from the usual, more suitable for all audiences. Continue reading

New Looks Pull and Bear Fall-Winter to December

As I mentioned it last month to talk about the latest combinations of Pull and Bear, the improvement of the brand of Inditex has been remarkable and very thank. An alternative more costumes for low-cost female. As all brands of the Galician company returns to see more looks for autumn/winter 2010 / 2011 facing this month of December. Continue reading

Men’s Fall/Winter 2016 Jackets

In a few days with the cool mornings and the warm autumn evenings of autumn we will say goodbye to the summer and we will welcome you in several layers: short sleeve t-shirts over long sleeves, open shirts to show matching t-shirts, or a jacket that I will resolve your life until winter. Our new fall-winter line has everything you need for this season. Continue reading

How to Wear a Fur Jacket

The hair jackets become our allies for the days of half-time. You can find all kinds of colors in these garments. Now, as its texture is not the typical one that we usually use in our usual clothes, we have to pay special attention to the other garments that we are going to use so that our look is combined perfectly and we go beautiful and protected from any unexpected blizzard. Today, from our Fashion blog we tell you how to combine the hair jackets. Continue reading

Denim Jacket

Tejano, denim, jean, cowboy… this fabric is the most famous in history and is that it has not lost an apex of its validity since its creation.

Levi Strauss, a visionary merchant who sold these sturdy fabrics in San Francisco to make the clothes of the mine workers in the midst of the gold rush, created for the workers the jeans with this material that resisted every maltreatment that Suffered, perfect for the work unfolding in the United States around 1870, just as Jacob Davis contacted him, offering to patent the stitching of the pocket with copper wire.

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Looks Vintage: Jacket, Sashes and Bow Ties

Today we offer you new photos of the daily Maniquí Vintage, and if you have not had the opportunity to stop by the shop on the street of Sant Sever, you will surely like the images we have gathered. In them, some customers pose proud with the new bags of El Maniquí Vintage. What do you think the color fuchsia? We love it, it looks fantastic. Continue reading

Jackets, Capes And Sweaters To Keep Warm The Boho Bride

Once it is out there a little bit cooler, I often wonder what the brides can wear, so they have not cold. In Switzerland, we can have even cooler weather all year round. Or marry you all only on beautiful, warm summer days?

For the fashion-loving brides there is a joyful challenge something suitable for finding it. Others find it hard to find the right thing. In the election – no matter whether Cape, jacket and sweater – the quality is essential in my view.In the knitwear, I would prefer an expensive

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Men: It Practical Guide For The Use Of Jackets

The men’s style is defined in detail. Unlike female clothes, male options are more limited, thus, the basics in our closet are also less.

One of them is the jacket, that gives shape to the body and gives elegance to who uses it. It is a garment that can be used in almost any occasion thanks to its versatility, but while it seems simple in appearance, having a number of factors that need to be analyzed before choosing the place and the way in which it will be used. The criteria for choosing the appropriate jacket are several, but here to analyse two basic: buttons and lapel.

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Stylish Autumn Coats

So whimsically as the weather in the autumn, the matching wardrobe should not turn out in the best case.The last warm rays mix with wind and rain, and the first signs of the upcoming cold season. It asks for here of outerwear so a lot. An indispensable part of the wardrobe, both for ladies and gentlemen, in my opinion, therefore, is a high quality autumn coat. Who invested in quality and exquisite design that wins a stylish companion for the season. Especially women can choose in autumn 2014 a wide variety of styles and designs.Especially women can in autumn 2014  from a wide variety of styles and designs to choose.

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How to Dress Jacket

Whether for women or for men, there are different kinds and shapes of jackets. Some are long, the other half long or short the same, the choice of the length is made according to your body shape and your size. One must know how to choose your jacket, in fact the main one is that the latter is properly fitted, well reach the level of your shoulders (the seam should be level with your shoulders) and your back, you must also be careful the length thereof in the arms, it is neither too short nor too long. And of course depending on your complexion the color choice is important. There are long sleeve jackets and other three quarter sleeves.

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How to Match a Brown Jacket


Clothing is a matter of choice, but it is not simply choose which head wear, but also-and especially-to evaluate the color combinations of all that we’re wearing. A great classic that works almost on every occasion, from the most formal to the most colloquial or domestic, is the brown jacket: a solid that is pleasant, yet not too challenging. Yet it is not always easy to know exactly what match a brown jacket. Let us see some useful idea about the matter.

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