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Alex Loomans and Anna Gushina for White Autumn/Winter

Although we are in full rebates, wanting the beach and look Tan, stores are keen to put in many of their “new collection” stands for “catch a rebajita and peak in the autumnal advance”, a strategy I do not know until that point is good. But this would be another post. In its massive launch of the new season, white is given everything. Not only with the signing of Paula Echevarría, that I love, but by improving style in its various lines. Continue reading

The Valencia Fashion Week Gives Its Output Signal

Today we have dismissed the Barcelona 080 catwalk and at the same time we have welcomed to the Tenth Edition of the Valencia Fashion Week. Three days with parades in the morning and afternoon allowing more of 32 designers It will present their proposals Autumn/winter 2011 / 2012. Jezebel is present in it and its premiere Juan Vidal It was the first designer to show his collection made up of little black dress, trench coats and pants campaign all following the same color: the Black. Dresses (most of them type cocktail) are divine, many of them with very elaborate and pleated skirts. But without a doubt, the protagonists have been their long dresses to the feet. Simply fantastic, but if I had to choose one among all, I would stay with this compound of lace neckline and semi transparent chiffon skirt. Continue reading

The New Collection Of Levi´S Jeans For Women – Autumn 2015

It is well known that Levi’s is the King of denim. The brand that invented the “blue jean” original in 1873, created after in 1934 Lady Levi’s, the first “blue jean” for women, revolutionizing women’s fashion forever.

More than 80 years have given the brand enough experience to meet the woman’s body and thus promote its form and perfectly identify the styles that you want to use.

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What Should I Wear a Corset

The corset is underwear with a charm. This is below that refines the silhouette shapes the bust and conceals small curves. The brace is worn day and night. Can in chic clothing and clothing accessories, based rocks that they are converted accompany. How to create a casual look corset? Be as chic with a corset? Here are some tips for you to wear the corset again this summer.

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What is the Latest Jeans Fashion

Jeans are always in fashion. Originally they were worn only by cowboys and construction workers. Nowadays, however, with jeans dress not only children but also their grandparents.

Jeans combine not only with sneakers, but with elegant shoes and boots. Some designers decorate their creations with crystals Swarovski, and others designed trousers whose fabric razridva after several washes.

Most of us even live in jeans and they are an integral part of our lives. Do not be afraid to experiment by wearing chiffon or silk in combination with jeans. Let jeans become not just a garment, and a base from which to create your unique image and appearance.

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The Chloe Lonsdale Tips to Recognize The Best Jeans

The designer British Chloe Lonsdale, founder of the fashion brand MiH Jeans gives us some tips on the jeans world, a world that enhances the brand especially. The designer would indeed discovered his passion for classic denim finding child models stored in the trunks in the attic of his parents, he would immediately love the genre and would thus chose to reinterpret it in a modern way, with an eye to years models’ 70, so taking the road that would lead her to found MiH and become renowned throughout the world for its models.

We know, the jeans is now a timeless model from which no collection can regardless, I remind you in this regard the Miss Sixty line focused on denim (see here), but also beautiful models proposed by Liu Jo for his spring / summer 2011 collection.

To the question “What makes a jeans a good jeans”, the Lonsdale answers that are too lightweight and too tight models are not a good example, because they will lose their fit and their adherence before the others.

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Will Flare Jeans Come Back

There is no doubt that retro waves which once was stored and retired at the bottom of the trunk, now have returned and in some cases, some retro waves in full force are entitled to a rereading with fashion status, such as good old jeans. Though it never completely left out, its utility has make itself to be remodeled easily and now it is parading on the red carpets and runways with fashion and super cool.

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Jeans is a trend

How many items which have jumped from 1980s to today, loved by some, or others? They try to turn a unanimity, not only being a synonym of comfort, but bringing an air of challenge, relaxation, versatility, anyway … for all tastes, what is overjoyed is that fashionistas and celebrities are already using and abusing of the trend. Continue reading