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Different Looks with Color Leather Jackets

The leather jacket is a very original, modern and easy to combine. Although black is the most classic and the most widely used, there are other interesting options that can give life and color to your look.

You will find other options of leather jackets in colors that can transform your looks into something fun and elegant!

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Different Types of Leather for Jackets

The leather jacket is a timeless piece, the ideal jacket for half a season. But you’ve probably experienced it: it’s really not easy to make the right choice! There are 10 days I had offered to help me prepare a special report on the subject by indicating in the comment jacket you wear. Here now a practical guide that I hope will help you in your future choice! To begin with, some “technical”…

  • Quality leather
  • leather Origin
  • Leather work
  • blouson style
  • color
  • Where to Buy?

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How to Dress Jacket

Whether for women or for men, there are different kinds and shapes of jackets. Some are long, the other half long or short the same, the choice of the length is made according to your body shape and your size. One must know how to choose your jacket, in fact the main one is that the latter is properly fitted, well reach the level of your shoulders (the seam should be level with your shoulders) and your back, you must also be careful the length thereof in the arms, it is neither too short nor too long. And of course depending on your complexion the color choice is important. There are long sleeve jackets and other three quarter sleeves.

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