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260 Years Vacheron Constantin: The World’s Most Complicated Mechanical Watch

With the watch reference no. 57260, Vacheron Constantin has not simply created and presented the most complicated timepiece in his own House, it is the most complicated in the world! This pocket watch is home to 57 complications and its movement consists of 2,800 spare parts. The development and production of this watch took several years and asked three watchmakers of high class work. His arrival falls exactly with the 260th anniversary of Vacheron Constantin.With 260 years without interruption in the watch industry, Vacheron Constantin is the oldest watch manufacturer in the world.

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Montblanc Believes That The Brain Must Be On The Leash

Square, round, autonomous, dependent on the phone, with the Google platform, or without it, few companies are going to run out without creating a smart clock.

Companies that have spent their lives making watches, and others that come from the world of consumer electronics looking for a piece of cake.

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