The Look of the Week in Jezebel April 5-11

The first week of April the air of spring are leaving notice, as quite intermittent is usual at this time of the year, in a way. And is that although the same we ran into looks that sounds more like summer than winter, cold loopholes still very present, and prevent that celebrities and anonymous can […]


São Paulo Retro Style

A lot of people complain that some regions of Brazil do not have so many options for those who follow the retro style, compared to large urban centers, like São Paulo, or even the United States which is full of shops of the genre and inflated precinho super affordable. The point is, if you follow […]


Christmas Gifts For The Wife Or Girlfriend: Great Jewelry!

Time goes by much faster than for other seasons felt especially in the run-up to Christmas. What this may well be? One reason perhaps are the many celebrations and meetings that bring us a full schedule? Or that it is again hectic at work at the end of the year? Or is it simply because that Christmas just invites […]


Jewellery for Christmas Party

The matching jewelry is just for special occasions – of great importance. At the end of the year, the calendar is filled with holidays and therefore also filled to the brim with deadlines for invitations to the various parties. It is therefore helpful to make timely thoughts about outfits and related accessories. This increases not only the anticipation, but avoids […]

Jewelry Women's Clothing

Plus Size Dresses for a Night Out

It is not always easy to dress out when is round. One can possibly find a classic black dress in large collections, but other than that, it was just always feel that whatever we do, our thin girlfriend will always be hotter and at the forefront of fashion that we . It is ugly, anyway, or stubby […]


How to Wear Maxi Necklace?

The maxi necklace is useful. It can give your clothing a touch of charming and totally change your style. Many people want to be different from others by wearing some unique accessories, but not everyone wants to use a very large, colorful maxi paste. For those who want to wear a delicate necklace to draw attention, a necklace […]