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The Look of the Week in Jezebel April 5-11

The first week of April the air of spring are leaving notice, as quite intermittent is usual at this time of the year, in a way. And is that although the same we ran into looks that sounds more like summer than winter, cold loopholes still very present, and prevent that celebrities and anonymous can deprive us definitely more outerwear garments. Come on, we can not say goodbye to stockings, jackets, boots and scarves. Continue reading

São Paulo Retro Style

A lot of people complain that some regions of Brazil do not have so many options for those who follow the retro style, compared to large urban centers, like São Paulo, or even the United States which is full of shops of the genre and inflated precinho super affordable.

The point is, if you follow a few basic tips, you will be able to walk always in style, independent of the city where you live and how much you have in your pocket to invest in visual. After all, what matters is to have good taste, creativity and go building a wardrobe! See our tips and enjoy!

  1. Enjoy That Fashion Comes and Goes

-Friend, arrives to claim that everyone is wearing glasses kitten or waist high on the Katy Perry. Take advantage of the fad for acquiring that long-dreamed ever piece you would imagine to find in a department store. As we know, the sets 1 time will pass and you will be who else took advantage of this wave, you can be sure! If you throw in the end-of-season promotions.

  1. Pan the Wardrobe of Their Grandparents

-Your grandparents may not wear the same dummy you, but at least one legal attachment time will find there. Scarves, cool glasses that you can change the lenses, hats, earrings, necklaces, worth panning – with authorization of the grandpas, huh? -until you find something nice that vintage suits your style.

  1. Fast Fashions Are Ideal For Basic Parts

No prejudice against the shops Marisa, huh? The fast fashions are great for panning pieces in retro style, especially today, that fashion comes rescuing references from 1940, 1950, 1960 year. Of course, nobody wants to go out with the same dress by Mrs. So, it’s worth betting on most basic parts, like pencil skirts, pants, cardigans, shirts with prints more cliches, like balls, chess, etc.

  1. There Are Thrift Stores Everywhere

No matter where you live, you can bet that you will find at least one thrift store in your city – or close to it. Be sure to search for these places, because the chance of finding something genuine, vintage by a precinho buddy, is great! Everyone needs a part or another of this type. Then, just go with what you already have on hand that is guaranteed success.

  1. Sew Your Own Clothes and Accessories

You are crazy about a skull cap that you saw in a movie, but don’t you think the piece anywhere?! Do it yourself! Search for online how-to, try to buy the props and get to work! What’s great is that no one will have an equal and you learn to do something new. How about start selling between friends or even on the internet? Maybe you can earn some money with it!

  1. Play Helps a Seamstress

That’s right, you don’t have a knack for sewing. But, all is not lost! Ask for help of a seamstress known. Show her what do you think cool models, invest in a fabric with retro face and ready! One more possibility of having an exclusive piece and with the retro touch you dream of.

  1. Little Touches on a Daily Basis

You don’t need to be vintage from head to toe every day to follow the style. Some little touches can help the firm to your personality, without exaggeration. For the girls who inspire in pin-ups of the year 1940, for example, is worth betting on accessories such as headbands and flowers, as well as hairstyles and makeup characteristic of the era, like red lipstick, well-defined eyes and a nice tuft. Betting in these little touches, a white t-shirt and a well marked waist already do the trick very well.

  1. Have a Look At Retro Shopping

If you really want to follow the style vintage, keep in mind your references and tastes in time to go shopping. Perhaps, in that little shop of the city centre, where least expected to find something, you give into something with a retro air, that neither the manufacturer suspected. Moon rocks full of style in R$ 1.99 shop (still exist?), that bag of straw with Tiki face on free, fair and so on …

  1. The Internet Is Your Best Friend

You don’t need to buy the same stores that everyone purchase online and spend a ton of money. As always, the tip is panning. Visit sites such as the Aliexpress and Ebay (always an eye on rates!), abuse of creative and free markets, as 7 and the free market, It and also the thrift stores online, such as the Sick, etc. Knowing what you want, it is always possible to find bargains and amazing pieces online. Keep an eye also on the promotions of their favorite stores!

  1. Above All, Use Your Creativity!

As I speak here, the important thing is to have style and creativity! Nothing mind spending a ton of money with genuine vintage parts or expensive reproductions and not knowing how to use them. Always have on hand your main references sets are movies, books, blogs, and try to apply them in your day to day, with parts that are accessible to you. Can be sure that it’s going to rock!

Have any other tips to keep the retro style.

Christmas Gifts For The Wife Or Girlfriend: Great Jewelry!

Time goes by much faster than for other seasons felt especially in the run-up to Christmas. What this may well be? One reason perhaps are the many celebrations and meetings that bring us a full schedule? Or that it is again hectic at work at the end of the year? Or is it simply because that Christmas just invites for a cosy get-together and the time flies by fly? We do not know it and can therefore only speculate. But it is quite clear that once again there’s much too little time, to take care of all the gifts. In addition to the gifts for our parents, grandparents and children, nephews, nieces, and so on, it is the gift for the wife or girlfriend, which most concern the men safely. Because these are always a great and special gift and therefore must be really thought as a man what you should pay for now in this year.

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Jewellery for Christmas Party

The matching jewelry is just for special occasions – of great importance. At the end of the year, the calendar is filled with holidays and therefore also filled to the brim with deadlines for invitations to the various parties. It is therefore helpful to make timely thoughts about outfits and related accessories. This increases not only the anticipation, but avoids also unnecessary stress.

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Plus Size Dresses for a Night Out

It is not always easy to dress out when is round. One can possibly find a classic black dress in large collections, but other than that, it was just always feel that whatever we do, our thin girlfriend will always be hotter and at the forefront of fashion that we . It is ugly, anyway, or stubby (thank you tight dresses not at all adapted to our morpho). Still, there are a bunch of chic outfits, trends, glamorous, that are made for us! We put together a little look book of our choice of outfits heart for this summer , and there is something for everyone!

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How to Wear Maxi Necklace?

The maxi necklace is useful. It can give your clothing a touch of charming and totally change your style.

Many people want to be different from others by wearing some unique accessories, but not everyone wants to use a very large, colorful maxi paste.

For those who want to wear a delicate necklace to draw attention, a necklace collar (also called Peter Pan collar) may be extremely helpful.

This kind of collar can help you find the middle ground between the casual and the flashy, bringing you modern and comfort at the same time.

It conveys a feeling of childishness, fun and finery. The most interesting is that this maxi necklace combines with almost every piece of any wardrobe, let alone with the Peter Pan collar, which adds a vintage touch and cute feeling.

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