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The Best of the Week in Jezebel: June 29 – July 5

It seems that the death of one of the myths of the music and newly resurrected fashion icon has left us a weekly legacy something mustio, although the month began with a tribute in the form of party his person by the hand of the BET Awards, where the soul divas and most controversial rappers joined forces in their memory. Continue reading

Invited (A Wedding) Different from the Hand of Cortana

We are at the point to dot’s brand new month, and with it they begin to be constants weddings. What to wear, here are the most of the problems. There are times that the event is only a mere commitment and we take the first thing that we have in the closet or already We have previously used (on many occasions), but there are times that feel like brand new something new and spend a extra money in the outfit (because the occasion refers). Special looks and what better than Cortana: print dresses for guests to want to be perfect, original but without much what at a glance. Continue reading

Low Cost Trends: a Party Dress for This Night


Only a few hours left for New year’s Eve, and if you just now showed you some suggestions of intimate apparel to show off this special night, course can not miss an our own for the occasion. Don’t you have yours yet? In this post I give you several ideas: dresses black, looks with pants or colors bold as the Green and yellow for the year deluxe. And all the outfits by under 50 euros. Continue reading