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Keeping Your Jewelry in the Right Place

A high-quality piece of jewelery will instantly evaluate every outfit.

Whether you’re looking for fashionable necklaces, elegant rings or strumming bracelets, the right, glittering accessory will give you every look.

If you want to please your glowing companions for as long as possible, you should observe a few rules in the care and storage of your dearest jewels.

Experience gold, silver, pearls and diamonds as long as possible. With these simple tips and tricks, you will continue to enjoy your high-quality jewelery – guaranteed! Continue reading

Trends in Jewelry Biogenesis, the Origin of Life

By Pineda Damian

In these times of increasing dematerialisation, the search for a better way of living leads us to reconnect with nature and the origins of life. Green is the quintessence of the nature; It is an ideology, a way of life. Environmental consciousness is, love of nature and, at the same time, rejection of a society dominated by technology. The center of fashion information for jewelry of Industrias Peñoles (CIMJ) directed by Mónica Benítez, presented as each year trends in jewelry by 2014.

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Jewelry Properly Maintain

To keep your handmade jewelry beautiful, you should maintain your jewelry at a bit. First it is important that you your jewelry in the shower first drop. It can otherwise sit moisture between the beads and algae could make it! To the clean rinse make easy the jewelry pieces with lukewarm water. A squirt of dish washing liquid in water is also helpful. Let dry thoroughly or dry. If stronger cleaning is necessary, use a soft toothbrush. Please purchase a new toothbrush for this, because toothpaste residue Chafe too much. Brush carefully in all corners and at to blow the remains so that you don’t unabsichtlicht rub the dirt. Continue reading

Our Site: Trend Jewelry Made in Germany

As a great jewelery lover, I am constantly on the lookout for new, sparkling treasures.

On one of my last shopping trips, I stumbled across the German tradition label our site, which immediately inspired me with his exclusive, stylish creations.

It was especially the wonderfully refined earrings of the fire. In the following article, I would like to share my happy find with you and present you the most beautiful jewelry trends of the coming season. I wish you lots of fun! Continue reading

I Must Have Fashion Jewelry from Glamour Zone

A very, very good friend of mine has a slightly adventurous whimsy – she does not collect shoes or handbags, stamps or stones namely, how one could now expect. It collects books or lamps such as the Wolf also not like me. Oh no, my friend collects necklaces! In all possible colors, materials and shapes, whether short or long, colorful or solid, with her in the closet to find for truly every conceivable outfit a (or rather more) matching chains.

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The Colors and Costume Jewelry: Shades That Match the Gold

The colors and COSTUME JEWELRY: Combine colors is not something most people can do. Learn to relate the colors of his pieces to the styles of their jewelry has a lot to do with research and study in this area. To do always work well done and that will sell, we also have to be able to identify what’s hot in terms of colors and work on it. Today I’m going to pass on to you a little bit of knowledge in the area speaking in colors and styles that match the metallic gold or gold tone.

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Tips for Accessories That Can Not Miss

Tips on which are the accessories that you can not miss on your jewelry door

The accessories are a very important part in the look, especially when we choose to combine more neutral clothing in the visual. Items like necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings are essential for every woman who likes to get dressed.

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