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Winter Clothing for Maternity & Breastfeeding

Autumn and winter means woolen socks and big knit sweaters. If you are pregnant, you will probably want to have something which is both warm and comfortable, but that also makes you look as beautiful as possible. With maternity clothes and nursing wear from Seraphine it becomes a game to dress on, both in pregnancy and the subsequent breastfeeding period. Seraphine make for really delicious quality wait-and nursing, and this handsome shirt will definitely spice up your winter wardrobe up.

The Jersey is in an absolutely stunning sparkly pink color, which can’t be other than to make you in a good mood. In the winter we sometimes need a breath of fresh air, and it is this shirt anyway. The color is such a real cheeky pink that just want to put the icing on an outfit, either with jeans or leggings and nice wait high boots. The Jersey is in knitted quality, with lots of stretch, so the shirt can be used throughout pregnancy. It has long sleeves and is relatively long in the model.

When you then have born and must use it as nursing blouse, have the zipper at each shoulder, as you just gasping up and then there is the access to your chest so you can easily get to breastfeed. It is a single system, which makes it easy and at the same time we did not notice that it is a nursing top. You can usefully have a nursing top underneath, if you do not want naked you too much when you are breastfeeding, for the Jersey does not have an extra layer underneath.

Winter Clothing for Maternity & BreastfeedingWinter Clothing for Maternity & Breastfeeding

Chinos Pants for Maternity

If you are pregnant, and not so much for jeans or jeggings, so is clearly something to chinos look on. Chinos are usually made of cotton, and have the same profile as jeans. Chinos have become incredibly popular, and you can use them for most occasions. For everyday use, you can put a pair of New Balance sneakers to a pair of khaki chinos, with a smart sweatshirt and a windbreaker. Must be a trip out with friends, and you have to be a little nicer in your clothes, so you can easily dress them slightly up. For example, a few Take j. Lindeberg in slim fit in navy or black, set a scale shirt for and a checkered blazer jacket. If you must do something extra out of it, one can easily put all kinds of accessories, such as bow ties or tie. Chinos belong in everyone’s wardrobes, and they are incredibly versatile which is why they are so popular.

Chinos Pants for Maternity

Chinos Pants for Maternity


Pants for Pregnancy

No matter if you are into velvet, leather or capri have you need pants in your closet, even when you are pregnant. Furthermore, it is good to have a little to choose from, so there are a few that appropriate for a tunic, some to the everyday life and the other to the weekend and party. A pair of nice pants with a pair of stilettos or boat shoe can really make a difference to an outfit. For example, a pair of casual pants or a pair of jeans, lift your look incredibly much, if you have a sweater from Polo Ralph Lauren. Of course, there are also pants that don’t need to be fancy or fine, and you just can use at home. It is therefore fortunate that there is a pair of pants that can fit any, both in size and style. But before the right is found,  maybe you should look around a bit and see what  is ripe currently.

Pants for PregnancyPants for Pregnancy