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Handle, Advance Spring/Summer: New Clothes for Women Available in Stores

After the spring-summer 2011 parade of Mango they are now available to buy some the next spring season of the Spanish brand garments. It is not the madness of the fashion world, it is to go a step ahead. Think of autumn, with a cold winter, what are we going to look in the spring. Crazy. Continue reading

This Summer Wears a Black Dress

The little black dresses they are a basic of our cabinet: they are always and never go out of fashion. Each season the signatures include some model in their collections because it is essential for both summer and winter. As I always say in my posts, if you don’t know what to wear, choose a black design and always be right. Continue reading

Desigual Spring-Summer: Full Color

Although we are full summer 2011, some firms have already presented their proposals for the next summer season 2012. It is the case of the signature Unequal, that faithful to their loaded color style and under the name New & Good, has shown us his new collection Spring/summer 2012 where art, entertainment and design have been sources of inspiration. Continue reading

Choose Well Your Sandals This Summer

We always find tips to choose the bikini, or the jean best remaining us according to our size, weight, body, etc., forgetting a part also very important of our Anatomy: feet. Now with the arrival of summer, all want to or should we show them, by heat with whom there is no support wear some closed toed shoes, by more monkeys they are.

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Sarouel Pants Fashion

One of trendy models for pants this summer are the sarouel or rather squat or odalisque, comfortable and practical but also elegant

One of the trends this year, always fished from fashion 80 years , are the pants that make the happiness of women with major thighs. Are those pants with wide legs, puffy, or balloon or odalisque or Turkish (harem pants) if you prefer.

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How to Accessorize a Burberry Bikini

Burberry bikini is one of the hottest bikinis a girl can have a accessorising will make you the cutest girl at the beach or pool. Read on to find out how to Accessories Burberry bikini.


  • Find flip flops or sandals that complements your Burberry bikini.For example, if your bikini is the traditional Burberry beige and Brown check prints, your shoes should be either beige, black or brown. If the check pattern is pink, should your shoes be light pink, white or clear. Continue reading