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H & M Again Solidarity in the Fight against AIDS

Fashion Against AIDS It was the title of a campaign that two years ago launched H & M to collaborate in the fight against AIDS. In it were uan series of t-shirts work of artists, musicians and designers whose sale was going to charity. This year we have a new collection inspired by the eighties with its vintage touch that like so much at the moment. When I’m less a fan of that decade Continue reading

How to Wear a High Waist Skirt

Increasingly high waist come stood out in the fashion world and conquering your space among the female audience, since most of the women have already joined the high waist to your style. For some time they were featured, being considered a strong tendency, especially in the summer. The high-waist is a piece that adds value to the forms of the female body and leaves the women’s most charming productions and delicate.

High-waisted skirt can be found in different designs, shapes, colors and lengths, varying according to each season and with the trends of each season.

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Selection Shirts Man: The Guide To Purchase From 24 Euros

As promised recently, some buying guides will arrive to allow you to see more clearly in the offer of men’s fashion.

The idea is obviously not to make a list with an image and a link by brand. My goal is mostly that you are able to identify each brand and its own characteristics.
Here is a succinct selection of 13 brands, with a synthetic description that will be completed as the tests on the blog.

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How to Wear a Oxford Shirt

The origins of the oxford cloth

The origins of the oxford cloth are rather vague and contradictory regularly.

But a commonly accepted version is that a Scottish weaver would have the difficult task of producing textiles for the most prestigious universities in the world, including of course that of Oxford. So he created this cloth with a white thread basis, while working a subtle grain.Compared to a poplin, its benefits were to be more breathable, more resistant, and easier maintenance.

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How to Choose the Shirt Size

Long considered an undergarment, the shirt (formerly vest or undershirt) became a room full of around 40-50 years to become today a basic essential of menswear. There are many: long-sleeved round neck pocket, printed, cotton, bicolor … The T-shirt is for everyone and almost all body, it is still necessary to choose the right. That is why you are given two to three tubes learn to select the shirt that will fit you perfectly.

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Marc Jacobs Miley Cyrus T Shirt

In New York’s Lexington Avenue Armory, there was the parade of the Marc Jacobs collection fall/winter 2013-2014 under a beautiful full moon. The designer has always enchants us with location set in spectacular fashion and once again has managed to impress although some technical problems-natural. In recent days a snowstorm put totally ko the northeastern Usa creating many problems for the designer, who was to present his new collection on February 11 and not the 14 as in fact happened.

Creative Director of one of the most important and fascinating in Europe, Marc Jacobs, the large expected, in every sense, this New York Fashion Week, albeit with a few problems and a slight delay (marched on the last day of the fashion week), has finally presented the creations of autumn/winter 2013-2014.Needless to say, the show was great and that the garments and accessories for the new season are particularly chic and highly sought after, because that’s exactly what you expect from a great talent of fashion. For him a great Hall, a huge catwalk which topped a cartel and bright full moon. Each creation was lit in a sublime way, every look was more intense, more rich, more cool. No doubt about it, Marc Jacobs knows how to surprise her exigent public, including Sofia Coppola, Miley Cyrus and Christina Ricci. Continue reading

How to Match White Shirt

The white shirt is one of those timeless pieces that never go out of style. Any woman of any age, it has at least one in the closet. You can wear it in any season and is perfect for every occasion, from the most informal to the most elegant. The white shirt is a versatile garment par excellence and are many ways in which you can wear it. Here are some ideas to show off this head in an original way. Also covered are the tips to wear denim shirts.


If you want to splurge a simple outfit but at the same time very feminine, combined with your white shirt with a pencil skirt with floral prints and you’re done!

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