Fashion Star in a Same Trend

Each day is one day less for the arrival of the Super-Duper good time. And that makes that the mind goes beyond and start to prepare the looks of summer: what is, what is going to continue rescuing from previous years, What should buy… And among one of the many trends for this new season returns a print of the […]


How to Combine Suit, Shirt and Tie?

Choose a harmonious combination between tie, shirt and suit, sometimes it involves a challenge to males. But if you have in mind a few basic rules, you will see how easy that is to pick the right tie. Here we will present these rules about how to combine colors and prints.


H & M Again Solidarity in the Fight against AIDS

Fashion Against AIDS It was the title of a campaign that two years ago launched H & M to collaborate in the fight against AIDS. In it were uan series of t-shirts work of artists, musicians and designers whose sale was going to charity. This year we have a new collection inspired by the eighties with […]


How to Find the Perfect Shirt

For me, finding a shirt It fits me well is a challenge. I normally takes several weeks and visit shops when I need to find one. So over time I have become an expert in the various courts and I more or less know that search and even test me.

Women's Clothing

How to Wear a High Waist Skirt

Increasingly high waist come stood out in the fashion world and conquering your space among the female audience, since most of the women have already joined the high waist to your style. For some time they were featured, being considered a strong tendency, especially in the summer. The high-waist is a piece that adds value to the […]


Selection Shirts Man: The Guide To Purchase From 24 Euros

As promised recently, some buying guides will arrive to allow you to see more clearly in the offer of men’s fashion. The idea is obviously not to make a list with an image and a link by brand. My goal is mostly that you are able to identify each brand and its own characteristics. Here is […]

Men's Clothing

How to Wear a Oxford Shirt

The origins of the oxford cloth The origins of the oxford cloth are rather vague and contradictory regularly. But a commonly accepted version is that a Scottish weaver would have the difficult task of producing textiles for the most prestigious universities in the world, including of course that of Oxford. So he created this cloth with […]

Men's Clothing

Rules to Combine Shirt and Tie

For many men, it can be difficult choosing a tie that combine perfectly with a shirt and a suit in particular. The variety is so wide, that sometimes it can be difficult to choose the appropriate for each situation.