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Simple Tips for Washing Bikinis and Swimsuits

In the heat, nothing better than being on vacation, going to the beach or cooling off in a pool.Of course, the use of swimsuits and bikinis in this season ends up being very large.

To keep them clean and not fading, some care should be taken at the time of their washing, such as soap to be used, whether liquid, in a bar or in powder form or the way of washing, by hand or by hand. machine.

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How to Accessorize a Burberry Bikini

Burberry bikini is one of the hottest bikinis a girl can have a accessorising will make you the cutest girl at the beach or pool. Read on to find out how to Accessories Burberry bikini.


  • Find flip flops or sandals that complements your Burberry bikini.For example, if your bikini is the traditional Burberry beige and Brown check prints, your shoes should be either beige, black or brown. If the check pattern is pink, should your shoes be light pink, white or clear. Continue reading