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Is about the Day of My Graduation

Oh, oh. Every good thing comes to an end and if I have to mention one of the best steps of my life that is the of the University. I remember it so fondly! I would love to go back and do the same things I did but enjoying much more from day to day. And if I remember a time with more affection than normal that is the graduation day. All my mates and I welcoming (with fear) to a new world: the job. But the previous weeks were ‘ hard ‘ and was the only thing that we talked about the girls: What to wear? Maria Castillejo last week asked us about dresses for graduation and here’s our response. Continue reading

for Which We Are Not So Young

And what I should I wear this new year’s Eve?

Years ago I turned 20, so many dresses that propose to Christmas seem too short, too suggestive, and too harsh with the defectillos that goes accumulating our body with the passage of the years. In addition, becomes a moment in celebrations that I have hartita so much brightness, so much rhinestones and as much spangle. So the proposals of looks for new year’s Eve today’s going in other directions different from the usual, more suitable for all audiences. Continue reading

Lookbook Fornarina Autumn/Winter: Youth Style to Go to Work

Incredibly young and sexy! so is the woman Fornarina for the next Autumn/winter 2011 / 2012. The Italian company, well known for its fantastic jeans, has wanted to slightly change the target and steer it to girls between 25 and 35 years, and he is getting it to base of suitable proposals, on the one hand, to go to work, and on the other hand, to look at our leisure time. Continue reading

The Style of the Future Princess Leonor

Within a few days the Infanta Leonor It will become Princess, the dream of any girl, but here is a reality. Leonor with 8 years, beautiful blue eyes and blonde hair, is a girl with a lot of style, clear that in a matter of outfits I guess has to do his mother, the future Queen Letizia (that rare is me writing this). Today I will speak of the style of the future Princess of Asturias and we are also going to recommend other brands very cute. Continue reading

Invited (A Wedding) Different from the Hand of Cortana

We are at the point to dot’s brand new month, and with it they begin to be constants weddings. What to wear, here are the most of the problems. There are times that the event is only a mere commitment and we take the first thing that we have in the closet or already We have previously used (on many occasions), but there are times that feel like brand new something new and spend a extra money in the outfit (because the occasion refers). Special looks and what better than Cortana: print dresses for guests to want to be perfect, original but without much what at a glance. Continue reading

Parties in Style to the More Teenager?

When you’re young and one lives immersed in the age of Turkey (I lived it for a long time), it is very difficult to find the perfect style for according to which events. MOM sees you as a little girl and the mirror tells you anything else, but when you go shopping there is no clothing or style that you define. And when the event in question is do you go with long dresses and dress the thing gets more… So far. And is that Zara TRF It has launched prom dresses without losing Youth touch that defines the line TRF and, best of all, without their prices exceed 50 euros. Continue reading

Fashion and Blogs 137: Street 35 to the Last

And I’m still showing new signatures, you know that they love me. St.35 or Street 35 a signature of sale is online who was born in may 2012. Regarding aesthetics, this recent Spanish signing has strokes vintage, since it is inspired by classic patterns and bebe elegance of the stars of the years 50′. His blog tells us not only new, but it also worries about the latest trends in beauty or secret corners that all would like to find. Continue reading

Be Seduced by These 11 Dressed in Pure White

Almost all have a white dress in our closet. For the summer are perfect: highlight our Tan and you can combine them with fashion and accessories of many colors. The bad thing is that tend to get dirty right away, but they are always impressive and very flattering dresses. For the night, the day, or to go to the beach with a little white dress always be right. Continue reading

The Look of the Week in Jezebel April 5-11

The first week of April the air of spring are leaving notice, as quite intermittent is usual at this time of the year, in a way. And is that although the same we ran into looks that sounds more like summer than winter, cold loopholes still very present, and prevent that celebrities and anonymous can deprive us definitely more outerwear garments. Come on, we can not say goodbye to stockings, jackets, boots and scarves. Continue reading

The Street Style Us Gives Ideas to Attend a Wedding

This of the Weddings It’s like an epidemic. When we invite you to know that back comes another. And another, and thus enter into a loop. And your wardrobe enters panic, because almost everyone has a couple of dresses for this type of celebrations but sometimes We have to change match the same guests or this article already it has fulfilled its function and we have to retire. That’s why I try to give a message of peace and hope: may not enter into panic. The street style gives us ideas for combine normal clothing (you can use for the day to Aday) but that you removed more than one trouble in situations such as this. Continue reading

Long Skirts Spring Summer 2014

Long skirts Spring Summer 2014: the most chic models. If you browse the catalogs dedicated to the summer collections, you will surely realize that the long skirts this year are one of the most popular trend, both in the proposals signed by high fashion labels in low cost. The Spring 2014 wants in his big protagonists skirts on the knee, below the knee, calf patterns and the inevitable long skirts in gypsy style, often think in very intense colors.

The summer is always a great time to groped something new by combining the most vibrant leaders, they are well aware of the luxury fashion house that year led to the catwalk for their summer colorful clothes collections, including mainly long skirts.

Continue reading

Asymmetric Clothing Fashion 2016

The summer is all about daring, freedom, holiday, sun, and nobody doubts that sets play precise role to convey through what we feel or wish. And a trend that has been present and is still guaranteed bet for the next seasons is the asymmetry. It appears slowly and ends up evolving; this time, it is more daring than before, conquering the summer.

So, do you want some more daring asymmetric parts? They do not respect boundaries and patterns of standard sewing. You should get ready for this trend because it’s going to be a lot of vista in the summer.
So if you throw in the pieces that jumped the runway’s uneven streets with their ruffles, shoulder pieces, cutouts and pictures that are proposing to break the rigidity, it will be elegant and practical.
Asymmetry has many tips, irregularities, overlays, and the cool thing is that the uneven parts, if combined properly, can elongate the silhouette, adding volume, and even manage to disguise some strategic part. Continue reading