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Choose Well Your Sandals This Summer

We always find tips to choose the bikini, or the jean best remaining us according to our size, weight, body, etc., forgetting a part also very important of our Anatomy: feet. Now with the arrival of summer, all want to or should we show them, by heat with whom there is no support wear some closed toed shoes, by more monkeys they are.

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7 Pieces Of Lingerie Plus Size To Feel Most This Summer

It’s summer and I step completely of pajamas. Or I sleep in balls or as much with any finite Nightgown from those that do not produce heat and left monis. I should also add that with the arrival of hot flashes libido is makes me by clouds so it is my favorite season to look chorraditas lenceras that make my flesh tight (or not dense) and make me feel more sexy place.

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5 Tips on How to Dress in Summer

We are now officially in the summer! We love the warmth, beach days, evenings of terraces… and the Sun seems that it gives us joy! Spiffy already we are thinking about what will be the next looks for this season because although they excite us with high temperatures, the truth is that often costs us decide what clothes wear us each day, which is nice and cool but at the same time flattering to see us elegant. Continue reading

Asymmetric Clothing Fashion 2016

The summer is all about daring, freedom, holiday, sun, and nobody doubts that sets play precise role to convey through what we feel or wish. And a trend that has been present and is still guaranteed bet for the next seasons is the asymmetry. It appears slowly and ends up evolving; this time, it is more daring than before, conquering the summer.

So, do you want some more daring asymmetric parts? They do not respect boundaries and patterns of standard sewing. You should get ready for this trend because it’s going to be a lot of vista in the summer.
So if you throw in the pieces that jumped the runway’s uneven streets with their ruffles, shoulder pieces, cutouts and pictures that are proposing to break the rigidity, it will be elegant and practical.
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Ideal Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

Selection of Sunglasses

No other accessories have achieved such cult status in recent years such as the sunglasses. Long ago, they no longer serve only as protection from sunlight, but has become an important accessory for any summer outfit. There are the sunglasses in many shapes and colors. Depending on the occasion, the sunglasses of the leisure complete outfit, are loyal companions on festivals or add a touch glamour while strolling in the city. Stars and starlets do it and the sunglasses will be worldwide to a sought-after designer piece. But the sunglasses have to cost a fortune, some low budget can sunglasses, leave to work properly, an outfit chic, sporty or fun. Every summer are numerous models on the faces. Worn, what I like, so that a clear trend can be hardly make out. And this is also the reason why people so love sunglasses but can remain but absolutely individual.


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