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Swimsuits and Bikinis Low-Cost for All Sizes

Turns out that I was mega-faithful to the bikinazos from Forever 21 + until last year. Summer after summer me saved the spectacular outfit (at the same time that comfortable) without having to invest more than € 20 per garment. Come on, a bargain. But this year my joy has fallen into a deep pit. Go swimwear hamijos terror! Formless, with shiny metal, as well as a very worthy of the real Pamela Anderson in 1996. And I, that I refuse to stuff my pleats in something that makes me look like a disco ball, but don’t want to spend more dollars in bikinis, I put hands to work to find substitutes to take to the beach this 2016.

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How to Take Care of Your Swimsuit

Constantly assaulted by the sea salt, chlorine oxidation and the heat of the Sun, the swimsuit sags, withers away and loses little by little of its luster. Here, 7 tips to take care.

Wash it in Cold Water

To ensure the survival of your swimsuit, it is necessary, even vital, to wash your shirt after each use: boycott washing machine that stretched the elastic fibers of the lycra and is restricted to maximally simple rinsing with clear water, ineffective in the face of the chlorine and salt. The right thing? Hand, wash in cold or warm water, with SOAP or a mild detergent.

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History of the Bikini Swimsuit

The legend of an explosive swimsuit

Three triangles and the round was played, the bikini was going to revolutionize the swimsuit for centuries to come. But did you know that the revolution was French? Launched by a french engineer in 1946 at piscine Molitor, a bikini this year celebrates its 70 years. More reason to revisit his legend with fork & Bikini !

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Kinira Swimwear

As I write them, I am really excited to share the good news with you. For all those who are lovers go to the beach or pool – like me-, or those who are looking for options of swimsuits to go ride the weekend, or on a vacation. Tell them that there is a Colombian brand of swimwear for plus size with spectacular designs: Kinira Swimwear. Carolina and Margarita Mejia are two sisters who have devoted the past two years to study the needs and tastes of women plus size, in terms of fashion swimwear. They discovered all those characteristics that we disliked of swimsuits that we find in the market and fixed them so we could be happy when we got to know your product. Continue reading

Tezuk Women’s Swimwear Thongs

Tezuk is an Italian brand very popular especially for its stylish swimsuits that even in this summer 2012, does not betray the expectations of its customers and enriches the already substantial collection of some new exclusive lines. The brand, founded and directed by Patrizia Bologna and Andrea Zucchini Baking Sheet, decided to update its collection of swimwear for summer 2012 by uniting the traditional lines Plain , Sangallo and Fantasy Fru Fru, the newest models of the new series Micropaillettes, bicolor and bicolor Lurex  of course, as always combined to give you a chance to have fun with the mix & most glamorous match of the summer season. Continue reading