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H & M Again Solidarity in the Fight against AIDS

Fashion Against AIDS It was the title of a campaign that two years ago launched H & M to collaborate in the fight against AIDS. In it were uan series of t-shirts work of artists, musicians and designers whose sale was going to charity. This year we have a new collection inspired by the eighties with its vintage touch that like so much at the moment. When I’m less a fan of that decade Continue reading

The Best of the Week 18 to 23 January

The week has been marked by the celebration of the Gala de los Globos de Oro, racing each year in number of stars and glamour of the Oscars ceremony. Without detracting from any of the two, we have had great looks and a difficult choice between the most elegant. On the blog Be trendy tops polls Diane Kruger. Fashion also has echoed in the most important event of the week. Continue reading

This Girl Knows How To Wear Leggings

I Would Love To Wear Leggings For The Latest But Don’t Know How To Combine Them? Don’t Worry, We Give You All The Tracks!

Leggings are one of the favorite clothes of recent times. They are a very versatile piece that combines with a lot of different clothes for different occasions but is sometimes a little difficult to know how to take them and real disasters occur.

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Maternity T-shirts & Tops

White Maternity T-shirt

Do you want to renew your wardrobe? Let yourself be inspired by the collection of t-shirts and tops for maternity. The shirt is the ultimate base, which is almost impossible to disappear in the wardrobe because of its versatile usage function. It can be used for everyday life, leisure and sporting activities. The relaxed shape and lightweight fabric materials make it easy to put together with other garments. For a relaxed everyday look you can choose to put your T-shirt with a pair of tight-fitting jeans, a cardigan and a pair of sneakers. If you want to make the style more feminine, you can also choose to use the t-shirt along with a skirt and a pair of stilettos. The advantage of the shirt is that it can be used as a stand-alone top or it can act as an extra layer under a cardigan or a jacket.

Form a smart and fashionable style with a t-shirt or top

This section of t-shirts and tops for maternity on Bestaah provides you with the opportunity to choose from a variety of colors and styles. If you would like to have festive attire for city tours with girls, you can find tops with deep cuts at the chest or in a stubby design. If you are looking for a cute and summery style, you can find more tops with either wide or thin straps. The clothes are available in both dark and light variations. Some of the shirts are made with a simple styling, while other variants are adorned with decorative prints and cool designer details. The details can consist of bold street prints, lace or ruffles. Dive into the wide assortment of t-shirts and tops for pregnancy, where you can get lots of inspirations on your attire.

Maternity T Shirts

Vintage Polo Shirts for Women

Would you like to have an elegant and sporty appearance? Start here in the collection of polo shirts for ladies. The style of this range is inspired by the sport of tennis and the maritime way of life. The classic polo shirt is designed with short sleeves, a simple falling collar and button closure in the upper part of the throat. In older times it was the men who used this garment, but today more fashion brands have had fingers in it, creating a feminine interpretation of this classic sport shirt. The Jersey with its practical design is an ideal choice for both training and everyday life. In the hot summer period you can, for example, use polo shirts along with a pair of shorts and matching sneakers. In the cold winter time you can suit your polo shirt with a pair of jeans, a cardigan and a pair of booties.

Vintage T-shirt for Women

Form an elegant and vintage style with polo shirts

Polo shirts for ladies are suitable for people who are on the hunt for a classic and contemporary look. You can find the jerseys on http://www.internetages.com/category/vintage-t-shirts/. This collection combines the best of the classy business shirt and the practical t-shirt in sport. The polo shirt is a relaxed and elegant piece of clothing that can be used for almost all occasions and seasons. This collection offers a wealth of different color variants, consisting of dimmed hues, bright pastel shades and wild colors. The collection is designed with Spartan use of details. Some have simple buttons, while others are adorned with discreet prints or simple stripes. Here you will find delicious clothes from the leading designer brands in the fashion industry. You can see more in the wide range of polo shirts for ladies, from which you can get plenty of inspirations for your summer and winter wardrobe. More clothes in retro style, please visit http://www.internetages.com/.