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Dance and Vintage United in the Photographs of Dayron Vera

While it is true that the word vintage represents any ancient object that stands out for its design and quality, it is fair to remember that we are dealing with a term of Anglo-Saxon origin whose approximate translation is “vintage.” Perhaps not everyone is aware of this meaning, although it is intuited that vintage is much more than fashion or collecting. The vintage also represents the tradition , as rooted in our culture as the dance, protagonist of today’s text. Continue reading

Vintage Home Decor Wins Cool and Turns

Preserves history and reform brings to this House in design pieces, mix of prints and textures
The District of Brooklyn, New York, offers some sorts who ventures in the camp, as in the case of a property that seems to have stopped in the 19 century, a completely renovated industrial shed and this House in Prospect Park, a real find: the five-story building remained unique for a century, at which time it belonged to the same family.

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Decorate Your Home with Vintage Poster Spending Little

Know sites that offer posters for free download


Vintage movie posters are available on the Free Vintage Poster website

Anyone looking for economical options to change or improve home decor, can take the internet as a great ally.Some sites on the web provide high resolution posters for free download.

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