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ASU Cast One Smartwatch

A Chinese company called ASU has created the first smartwatch in the world with integrated laser projector

Smart watches are becoming popular and many companies are trying to carry out their own version of these gadgets. A new Chinese startup called ASU, has come to market with a unique view at this time, a smart watch that integrates a laser projector. The other day we saw as Samsung patenting a similar technology, which also made use of a laser projector to extend the interface clock.

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Japanese LED Watch

Here is a new LED model watch shows or Japanese. A still original way to display the time.

Press the button at the top right of the dial and watch the screen lights up. In time mode, the columns represented the hours in binary code while rows of minutes. In date mode, the columns represent the month while the rows represent days. You decide if you want the LED watch displays the time at random intervals (approximately every 10 minutes) or shows the time when you tap the button.

You’ll find yourself writing strange equations on the blackboard .. . Yes, this shows increases IQ!)

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Jewelry Watches

Wondering what donate and cheer for his birthday, a holiday or just for the pleasure of his wife, daughter, mother or friend? Each woman will surely become beautiful with nice and fine watches, jewelry or gem of the jewelry. Know that such things no woman can never be enough, and certainly it is always good and on any occasion.

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Tips for Buying Reliable Sports Watch

You like you run, swim, I go hiking or do other physical activities? Do you want to these activities acquire a reliable watch? If so, give yourself when buying them depend very much!

Sports watches for all kinds of activities

First of all, you must realize to what activities you’ll sport watches usually use. Running, swimming and trekking are obviously quite different activities. Luckily for you there are now many types of sports watches from which to choose, perhaps every athlete.

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