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The Best of the Week in Jezebel: June 29 – July 5

It seems that the death of one of the myths of the music and newly resurrected fashion icon has left us a weekly legacy something mustio, although the month began with a tribute in the form of party his person by the hand of the BET Awards, where the soul divas and most controversial rappers joined forces in their memory. Continue reading

It Is Time for Weddings

The number three You may seem a digit low, but if we talk about three weddings in a month the thing changes. And for most loop the loop in a couple of them, there is the same guests and 24 hours of difference (the thing is complicated at times). This season my friends have signed up for the fashion give if I want to and I I do not know what noses put me. Because all of them are special and I want something unique to each of them. What do to? not sit in red numbers by the way? Take advantage of the timing and not to wait until the last minute. Continue reading

How Choose The Wedding Dress For Marriage of Day

If you’ve decided to make your marriage on the day, then I will tell you that you are in the right place. Because in is time I will teach you how to choose the perfect wedding for a couple of day dress. So that you pay attention to the following information that I’m going to give, and if you want you can take note of this.

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Styles of Wedding Dresses

Every bride nowadays likes to be elegant and very beautiful on the day of your wedding, so it is very important to choose the perfect dress.

The perfect dress should go according to body type having the bride and thus can get the most out of your body.

Rather than berries to the store to choose the perfect wedding dress is very important to know which body type you have.

By the dress you choose duty to help the bride that enhances the attractive areas of your body and conceal areas that do not want to display.

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