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Men’s Fall/Winter 2016 Jackets

In a few days with the cool mornings and the warm autumn evenings of autumn we will say goodbye to the summer and we will welcome you in several layers: short sleeve t-shirts over long sleeves, open shirts to show matching t-shirts, or a jacket that I will resolve your life until winter. Our new fall-winter line has everything you need for this season. Continue reading

Knitted Sweaters for Plus Size

Knitted sweaters are part of it, as you can never get enough of. It covers everything from the large knitted sweaters with turtlenecks, to the thin Tommy Hilfiger v neck. In winter we use, of course, those who are more powerful, here is especially Icelandic horse Halter become very popular again. When summer time, it is a more delicate and thin knit, as most are going for. The more classic knitted sweaters, such as v-neck, fit from everything to a tee-shirt to the suit. Knitted sweaters belong in any wardrobe, since they are good at making a more casual look. They can of course also dresses more up, if that’s what you want. In addition, you can put a gaudy butterfly from Emma Ashford or a retro pocket design from Woodford watches, the options are many. With us you will find a very wide variety, in knitted sweaters, everything from the loud and heavy knits for winter use, for the light and thin summer knit with silk. Here we especially select sweaters for plus size men or women, click this official shop.

Knitted Sweaters for Plus SizeKnitted Sweaters for Plus Size


Winter Clothing for Maternity & Breastfeeding

Autumn and winter means woolen socks and big knit sweaters. If you are pregnant, you will probably want to have something which is both warm and comfortable, but that also makes you look as beautiful as possible. With maternity clothes and nursing wear from Seraphine it becomes a game to dress on, both in pregnancy and the subsequent breastfeeding period. Seraphine make for really delicious quality wait-and nursing, and this handsome shirt will definitely spice up your winter wardrobe up.

The Jersey is in an absolutely stunning sparkly pink color, which can’t be other than to make you in a good mood. In the winter we sometimes need a breath of fresh air, and it is this shirt anyway. The color is such a real cheeky pink that just want to put the icing on an outfit, either with jeans or leggings and nice wait high boots. The Jersey is in knitted quality, with lots of stretch, so the shirt can be used throughout pregnancy. It has long sleeves and is relatively long in the model.

When you then have born and must use it as nursing blouse, have the zipper at each shoulder, as you just gasping up and then there is the access to your chest so you can easily get to breastfeed. It is a single system, which makes it easy and at the same time we did not notice that it is a nursing top. You can usefully have a nursing top underneath, if you do not want naked you too much when you are breastfeeding, for the Jersey does not have an extra layer underneath.

Winter Clothing for Maternity & BreastfeedingWinter Clothing for Maternity & Breastfeeding

Winter Top for Maternity & Breastfeeding

This super fine waiting and nursing top from Seraphine, is a real classic to your winter wardrobe. It is all black and simple and can be used throughout your pregnancy, ranging from a small bump on his stomach to breastfed babies. The shirt also has a really nice nursing function. Sitting two zips at the shoulders as you simply opens when you must breastfeed. When you are gasping up there is free access to the chest. There is no underlying nursing top or extra layer underneath. So it may be a good idea to have a nursing top underneath, if you do not want naked you too much.

The shirt has long sleeves and is relatively long, so you can use it to leggings, or to just a pair of jeans. It is with round neckline and is a real must-have for the winter months here. Knitted quality is very stretchable and therefore follows your curves and can stretch, as the belly grows. Wait and nursing blouse is in the discretion of viscose and cotton quality and is in no way flabby, but fall just really nice.

This wait-and you can even easily use nursing top after completing the pregnancy and after you not breastfeeding any more, because it looks like just a very plain knit and nursing function is so unobtrusive that you in no way thinking about the fact that it is a waiting and nursing top.

Winter Top for Maternity & Breastfeeding  Winter Top for Maternity & Breastfeeding

Cashmere Cardigans for Asian

Cardigans are perfect for almost any occasion. A simple solid-colored one, is a good alternative to the frequently used blazer, this of course combined with a shirt, so you do not lose the formal look. A thin cardigan is a good supplement to summer dress, and it can easily be packed together in a messenger bag, since it does not take up a lot. In winter, there is nothing like a big heavy knit cardigan to keep warm with. In other words, then you can get them for all occasions, wherever you need to go to business meeting or skate with the boys. They are great for bringing together your look. A hooded to the worn Levi’s jeans or an exclusive cashmere cardigan from Roberto Cavalli is suitable, if you need, just to spice up your leggings up. They have a wide range and in all price ranges, so just search this shopping site, so you can find your next chic cardigan. View countryaah for lists of countries in Asia.

Cashmere Cardigans Plus SizeCashmere Cardigans Plus Size



Plus Size Jerseys for Maternity

Jerseys can quickly lead one to think of winter and how nice it is for maternity to have something warm that can package. But a cardigan or a hoodie can also be really good to have in the summer evenings on the beach or in the garden when the t-shirt will be a little too cold. However, sweater jersey are not only practical, but play an important part of fashion. For example, a knitted model view incredibly nice out with a pair of straight leg jeans and a pair of loafers. Even for high heels and handbags, you can easily use the jerseys. It’s a way to make a shirt fancier, may be to choose one from a fire, you know, and whose style you love. Such as Esprit and Bugatti are some of the brands that make sweaters, as part of their large assortment. However, not all brands are – sometimes you rather go after a in a specific color to match your pants, your bag or new hair color – who knows!

Plus Size Jerseys for MaternityPlus Size Jerseys for Maternity


Where to Buy Winter Coats for Women

If you need some warm coats for the winter season, take a look at the wide range of winter coats for women. Here you can find a lot of outerwear, to keep the coldness away in the chill winter months. The coat is a must-have in winter cloakroom. It is important to keep warm when you are outdoors, whether it’s just the ride to work or a fresh evening stroll in the woods. By choosing a coat with a good insulating material, you can transform the icy sensation into a refreshing experience in the beautiful snowy weather. A warm winter jacket certainly should not be bland and formless, and the selection of winter coats for ladies on bridgat proves this point well. This collection includes outerwear made with beautiful shape stitching, modern details and a wealth of current colors.

Get dressed nicely for the cold winter season

In Bridgat, we have a wide selection of smart coats for the winter in all different styles. The collection welcomes stylish coats with pocket flaps, clasp locks and a high collar in classic, subdued shades. If you’re more into a cool and edgy style, the collection also has a wide range of smart coats in metallic colors decorated with cool groove structures. Several of the coats are also equipped with practical hoods with adjustable drawstrings and warm fur edges. To create a stylish winter look, you can choose to combine a pair of jeans with a soft sweater and a pair of winter boots. Finish off your winter clothing with one of the chic coats from the collection. Prepare for the cold season with the wide selection of winter coats for women, where you can get lots of inspiration for winter cloakroom.

winter coats for women