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Is about the Day of My Graduation

Oh, oh. Every good thing comes to an end and if I have to mention one of the best steps of my life that is the of the University. I remember it so fondly! I would love to go back and do the same things I did but enjoying much more from day to day. And if I remember a time with more affection than normal that is the graduation day. All my mates and I welcoming (with fear) to a new world: the job. But the previous weeks were ‘ hard ‘ and was the only thing that we talked about the girls: What to wear? Maria Castillejo last week asked us about dresses for graduation and here’s our response. Continue reading

17 Vestidazos of Party for Less Than 120 Euros

The Christmas they represent one investment of money so high that one is tide to make accounts. We want everything goes perfect, but many times that’s synonymous with invest all we have (and does not plan). That is why we show today 17 prom dresses to shine this time without having to stay in red numbers. And it is that all these proposals cost less than 120 euros. In this way, the headaches come on the other hand… Continue reading

Obsession with Midi Skirts

Write my first post on Weloversize is not anything, so I wanted to do so veery well. Gave him many, many turns until I was serious and asked myself “to see Mary daughter, think, if suddenly someone forced you to choose a garment to wear it the rest of your life pistol in hand (people are crazy, I know, like someone sees it a matter of life or death) which would be?”

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