Tailored and Off From William Baxter

In the spring, you could read about when I sewed a pair of pants with Robin Pettersson Tailoring in Gothenburg. As we told you that Robin joined by byxskräddaren William Baxter moved to Gothenburg with his Swedish girlfriend. Since then I have got to know William bit and we have met some. He asked me if we could find something fun project together and now you will see the results of my creative and Williams playing in Robin’s studio.

Since I already have a relatively large closet and do not feel I am in direct need of either more jackets, suits or gowns as this was impossible to sew up. I for a time become more and more interested to be both stylish and practical wearing when I’m off, which is now an increasingly large part of my time, so got this also be the starting point. I like the garments in England called Shacket, and thus is a cross between a shirt and jacket. It is a versatile garment that is easy to match and dress both up and down. Moreover, it is extremely comfortable and practical to wear.

I like adding small elements of workwear and military inspiration for my normally quite dressy style was something we took into account. I have an absurdly great interest for fabrics in general and UK in particular those was something we started from. The result was beyond a Shacket a practical vest with multiple pockets front and back.

If we start with the jacket this is a completely unlined version of the blue wool fabric with a slightly mottled structure. It comes from the British Abraham Moon and weighs 350 gr / m and is in merino wool. It’s soft and comfortable and looks best with a shirt in oxford, chambray or flannell during alternatively a casual henley, then a t-shirt with buttons at the neck.

The design we have created ourselves, but similar can be found in a variety of manufacturers today. Some choose to do only breast pockets but we chose 4-pocket style. The buttons are dark brown and the horns. I have now brought the jacket part and is actually quite satisfied with the result. Even if the pants are Williams specialty so mastered, he also jackets and especially vests. He is also not averse to experiment a bit so please post your question. Now last summer wanted including a gentleman in Skåne have a tailored pajamas which William tweaked.

The vest might be a little odd but for me it is a really practical garment. The focus was on functionality and materials. The rough flanellen to Fox Brothers grossest of about 500 g / m and the rigid cotton twill we used to back is also from Fox, and weighs over 700 g / m. This garment proved more difficult than we thought when the front cover was too soft whereupon William like a blazer got a sewing canvas portion the chest by hand to charter it. The pockets I found on and they fill all the practical features for me. I can wear this when I’m out with my little son and get the wallet, keys, mobile phone, camera, a klämmis and feeding him well as a toy if needed. It is so spacious that I get over a rough sweater this fall, which extends the time of use. Although this garment, I was really happy with although I guess that’s a tudelare purely aesthetic.

Do you have any kreaktiva thoughts and ideas? Do as I and juggle them with William and Robin, they can certainly help you create just that unique garment you wish.

The only question is what I and William should do the next time?