Take Bargain! Wall Thermometer/Hygrometer Only 8,99 Euro

Wall Clock Thermometer & hygrometer Technoline WT650

Here buy this wall clock thermometer & hygrometer Technoline WT650 cheap and save 59%.

A few months ago showed you a TFA brand kitchen clock, which we find in Amazon Spain, slim but easy for 8,95 euros, now I’m going a little further in terms of performance is, for a few cents more, this wall clock thermometer & hygrometer Technoline WT650

Many like to know at what temperature is our House in certain areas. The reasons are varied, but the most important reason is energy saving, since if we know where limps our dwelling in this sense, we can save heating because it might be that we have discovered that a place is colder because the window does not close as it should.

This clock, which need not be cooking, since it is where you real want, kitchen, office, bedroom or even a bathroom, will show you, in addition to the time, obviously, the humidity and temperature in degrees Celsius.

It is a watch with quartz movement, with a diameter of 26 cm, which uses a battery of type AA, which does not include.

Amazon Spain leaves you Technoline WT650 wall clock, being Premium user only 8,99 Euro, and if you’re not pay 2.99 euros for shipping costs. You save 59% compared with the cheapest web on I found it, whereas fnac where we have it at 21.98 euros, while going on eBay up to 25 EUR, all with shipping included.

A simple design for a clock that gives you triple information, with a simpler price still.

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