Tea Join Sport Fashion? Put a Sweatshirt in Your Life, Is It More!

There are garments of life ‘ specialized ‘ for a moment or situation, and suddenly … Baboom! Become a must of the season and we wear it at all times. A few days ago I announced my presence of baseball caps, and following sport style, now it is the turn to the cotton hoodies. They are no longer a garment to wear with sweatpants, now the fashion victims combine them with tube skirts, jeans and others. You join this epidemic for the sport?

They already look yours

Admit it: I’m flawed to the blog of Chiara Ferragni. Although I do not agree with his style and I causes more rage than admiration, I can not enter on their website. And envy is what I felt when I saw her walking the streets of San Francisco (city in which I was living for three months). MSGM It is the brand that signature model in grey, and although I like, I believe that its price is not going according to the garment.

And for odd mixtures of Andy in this New York fashion week. Combined model of Kenzo with a green sequin pencil skirt of H & M. What you think about the result?

To you expect?

If as you were reading the post have been growing you a immense desire to experience with this garment as life, but renewed for this season, low-cost signatures presented to us their versions. How would you like it? With applications, text or various tissues. You choose which best suits your lifestyle.

  • With English text of ASOs, 35 ’ 54 euros
  • Bicolor (gray and pink stick) of White, 22 ’ 99 Euro
  • Short sleeve with Pearl details of Pull and Bear, 22 ’ 99 Euro
  • With the name of Paris in black sequins of Mango, 19 ’ 99 Euro