The 10 Clothing Trend for This Fall-Winter 2012 / 2013

TOC, toc who is? The Fall And what you want? Become a completely desirable 10 items you need to update your wardrobe with this autumn/winter 2012 / 2013. So happens year after year, the new us enters through the eyes, and we can not resist to a State of growing desire with the top ten shopping as a priority goal.

1) a military jacket. Is already being on blogs that it is a trend that sweeps in this beginning of autumn.

(2) lace dress (a plus: having peplum). The style lady also wants its piece of prominence this season thanks to tight-fitting silhouettes, lace dresses, and if you also have peplum, perfect.

(3) a bag in Burgundy. It is the tone of the moment, and or better is that you add to add-ins, as in the bag you carry everywhere. This bag Gucci Jackie We exited from the budget. And if saving until Christmas…?

4) sports spiked. Everyone want to take them and try to figure out where the best clones are hidden. Sure hit.

(5) an oversize coat. The shelter will be oversize or won’t. This fall, take it big.

(6) a pencil skirt. Elegance and sensuality for a piece that allows you to go from work to have a drink.

7) Some of leather: It may be a dress, a jacket, a skirt, a top, but the leather is the material of the season, even to take the head to toes. You can choose a classic model such as this of La Redoute or something more daring.

8) Something with tacks. Seems too exaggerated tendency to fill everything from low-cost stores tack, but a touch on a classic garment, such as a white shirt, can give you a rockero that makes it different touch.

9) biker boots. Classic, comfortable and resistant to bad weather and fashions. You will find them in It Shoes by 169 euro.

10) and point. Not to say that it does not have more items and that post is just (that also), but once more the chunky knit sweaters are fashionable, which in the frioleras we are phenomenal. In ASOs You’ll find this with printed owl, by the way of Burberry, by 42,65 EUR.

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