The Fashion Mistakes You Must Stop Committing

Like every human being, we make mistakes that are sometimes hard to perceive. When it comes to fashion, talking about it is even more delicate. We are not here to tell you what to do or not to do, since your choices are only about you.

The same people who err, must be open to experiencing new things that can lead to evolution, since we are beings in constant growth. With that in mind, we have listed 12 fashion-related habits that may be delaying our lives. Check out!

1. Make impulse purchases

Who ever went to the mall without having to buy anything and ended up coming back with some little bags for the house? We know that brands are experts in making us spend more than we can and need, they bet on the visual artifacts, smells and other stimuli that make us more likely to buy something.

One of the most common reactions is regret before you even get home because the feeling of well-being after buying a product is momentary and goes by so fast. It’s hard to resist, but try to think if what you are about to buy is really useful or just a product that will get forgotten in some drawer whatsoever.

The Fashion Mistakes You Must Stop Committing

2. Buy a smaller number expecting that you will lose weight

You wear 42, tried a pair of 40 pants and she did not serve, but did you take her home anyway? This is a very common mistake that can end up causing frustration.

Invest in clothes of your size, that will serve with ease and that will make you comfortable, without squeezing, and beautiful just the way you are!

3. Do not repeat clothes

Linen is not disposable (still good!). Our planet already has a lot of garbage accumulated, and if the clothes were like plastic cups and paper napkins, this accumulation of garbage would be much larger. The productive process by which a simple shirt passes is extremely detailed and each step involved deserves attention.

It’s no shame to repeat clothes! Using a piece more than once is a sign that you like the outfit and that it wears well. That’s all, nothing more. And of course, it’s normal that one day we get sick of something we use a lot. At this time, get this piece to someone who will make good use of it.

4. Just wear one color

It is quite common to find people who wear a single color in looks and, generally, that color is the good old black. It never goes out of style and matches anything. But have you given a chance to other colors? Some combinations can look amazing and enhance your beauty even more.

If you are not fully prepared to give up the overall black look, color spots will gradually come in, such as a red sneaker, navy blue bag or a nude cardigan.

5. Buy a piece just because it is fashionable, even if you do not feel good about it

You know that play that the actress used in the soap opera, and suddenly she was in every window? Throw the first stone who never surrendered to those trends that fly by and when you least expect no one else is using.

Sometimes it may even be a trend that is more timeless and repeats over several seasons, but do not insist on wearing it if you do not feel well. The midi length, for example, is super high, but many women say they do not like it. There’s only one rule you should follow: wear what you do well. It does not matter if it’s a classic or if it’s a passing trend.

6. Stop using something that “does not look good on your body”

How many times have you heard someone say that chubby bears should not wear horizontal stripes? They say they also can not use cropped, can not wear bikinis and should give preference to clothes more loose and of dark tones to hide the greasy ones. Another frequent statement is that the short ones should always be in a jump because tall women are more elegant. And the highs should use creeps because if they use heels they get too high.

The truth is you should wear whatever you want. If there is a person in the world who needs to like your clothes, that person is you. If you are chubby, love stripes and feel wonderful with a striped piece, do not be afraid to use it! If you are “too lean” and say that your legs are too thin, do not want to hide them. Use and abuse the pieces that let your jaws show, they are part of who you are and this is a source of pride.

7. Do not practice the law of detachment

Attention to this tip: if you have not used a piece for more than 1 year, it is time to detach. In 365 days, you’ve been through a lot of situations. Cold days, hot days, rainy days … In none of those days did you wear those clothes or footwear that is forgotten in the back of the closet? You can be sure that someone will use it if you go forward. The alternatives are many, you can donate, sell, trade and even give another use to that piece.

In times of accumulation of waste, we can not treat our garments as garbage. Are we going to practice and encourage conscious consumption and let fresh energy into the closet?

8. Buy several pieces of poor quality rather than few quality ones

Think about the scene: that department store with blouses for $ 19.90. You take one in hand, until you realize that the quality is not the best … And then automatically you think “It’s only $ 19.90, I’ll take!”. How many times have you done this? How many pieces did you buy, used very seldom and have you noticed several defects?

If you save money, you can buy a more expensive piece that will last much longer, while that $ 19.90 blouse will be “improper” for use after two or three washes. Is it worth surrendering to low quality products just because they are cheap?

9. Do not iron your clothes

Ironing can be a boring and lazy task, but leaving the house with your clothes all wrinkled can convey a sloppy image. An interesting tip is to wear the clothes only when you are ready to leave the house, so you avoid lying down or sitting with her and end up kneading the piece.

10. Buy something just because it’s on sale

Our little eyes even shine when we see a liquidation, do not we? One cool trick is to think this way: if this product was not on sale, what would be its real use to me? Was the answer “none”? So keep walking your way and save some real.

An example: you have black pants and are very satisfied with it. Then you will see another black pants in the shop window with 50% discount. Tempting, right? Are you going to buy it just because it is discounted or why you really need it? Probably your answer was the first option. Escape promotions that only take money out of your pocket and add value to your closet.

11. Wearing wonderful shoes that end up with your foot

Have you been spending a lot of bandages on your feet? If your answer was yes, you should rethink the shoes you are wearing. We need to perform various functions, the routine is very rush and your feet, which support your whole body, do not deserve shoes that mistreat them.

Did you know that a sneaker or a sneaker can have the same elegance as a high heel? And, of breaking, they will leave you much more comfortable and in a good mood throughout the day. Want to know how to create sophisticated looks without a heel? Check it out here!

12. Do not dare because of insecurity

Many people are willing to use something but end up leaving that desire aside because of insecurity or fear of the judgment of others. Whether it’s a deeper neckline, a flamboyant coat, a super-faded purse … How about a bet on what you’re about to wear? It can even function as an exercise for self-confidence.

As we have said many times here, only you must decide what you want to wear and should wear what makes you happy and comfortable. If you are afraid to dare, start slowly and in no time you will be parading around with looks that will attract all eyes.

Now that you have noted all these tips, just put them into practice and enjoy a more fashionable, light and conscious life!


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