The Fashion of Children’s Glasses

The need to wear graduated glasses is, for some, very early. It is in the early ages that myopia and other common visual problems, such as astigmatism, are most diagnosed. Which forces children to wear glasses from ages 5, 6, or even earlier.

The Fashion of Children’s Glasses

The effects of the new digital generation on vision are not yet known, however the tendency is that this age will decrease and visual deficits will increase, with the increasing and more precocious use of screens(mobile phones, computers, tablets, etc.) By the children.

As you know, youngsters never quit, and breaking or scratching their glasses is a concern to keep in mind. The child’s graduated glasses are therefore more resistant and of the most anti-breaking materials, resistant to these eventualities.

But wearing glasses is also an opportunity for children to play with fashion, both for graduates and for the dark. At Opticalia we have models that will not resist, at the very least, to try on the mini face of his/her/her small regulates.


Especially in children’s sunglasses, the sport frame is a very present trend. They are essentially models for boys, but actually look good and give style to any child.


Due to their resistance to falls and breaks, as well as their longer durability, rubber frames are often preferred by parents in both prescription and dark glasses.


The smaller ones also like to imitate the parents, and in the dark glasses this tendency is very evident. The “aviator” style is one of the most sought after, although not the toughest models.


Both in the frame and in the lens, you want strong colors. Mirrored lenses are successful in sunglasses, while reds, dark blues and black stand out in children’s graduated frames.