The First Graduated Glasses of Nuno Janeiro

The life of an actor requires a lot of reading, a lot of time before lights and cameras and it is normal that the vision manifests his tiredness after some time.  It was the difficulty of focusing certain objects in the distance that brought the actor Nuno Janeiro to our Glass Factory of Cacém.

The First Graduated Glasses of Nuno Janeiro

To have the complete diagnosis about the state of your vision, the visit began with the diagnostic consultation. Analyzes of the two eyes, test to read the letters of different sizes and the ocular tenacity were some examinations carried out. Conclusion? Greater effort of the right eye to see from afar.

The recommendation of our expert was the use of resting glasses with minimal graduation, glasses so Nuno did not need to make effort with his eyes. The sunglasses are indicated to be in front of the computer, television, mobile phone, there is no need, in the case of the actor, to use them permanently.

When it was time to choose the first glasses of Nuno Janeiro, the task was not complicated. We pride ourselves on having a team that knows how to respond to the tastes of our customers and that is why Persol’s mass model was the chosen one.

To get’fully equipped’out of our optics, sunglasses could not be missing. This summer, Nuno Janeiro chose the round model of Ray Ban, but this one with a particularity: polarized lenses that protect the vision at 100% of UV rays.

While the graduated glasses were ready, Nuno Janeiro used to better adjust the sunglasses to his face.

Thanks for visiting Nuno, we are proud of our Cacém Glasses Factory to be the preference of who we really are fans.